How to recycle at work

How to recycle at work

Recycling at work is just as important as recycling at home but it’s not always as easy. Make sure your workplace is environmentally conscious by making it as convenient as possible for everyone to REDUCE, RECYCLE, REUSE.

There are a number of simple things that both businesses and staff can do to look after our planet without affecting productivity or the bottom line.

Here are some helpful tips to get you started:

1. Place recycling bins at convenient locations in the office

Make sure that anywhere there are communal bins in the office there are also recycling bins. The most important areas to do this will be the break room and close to any printers or copy stations. You can even get waste paper baskets that are divided for recyclable and general waste so that everyone can recycle at their desk!

2. Make staff aware of what can be recycled

Educate staff about what items can be recycled and which bins they should use. The easiest way to do this is simply by putting clear WRAP compliant labels on the bins themselves. You could also make up a poster to go in kitchens and communal areas that makes it really easy. Make sure cleaning staff are aware of the recycling scheme as well.

3. Think before you print

Do you really need to print that document? Often an electronic copy will suffice. Not only will this reduce paper waste but it will help save money on printing and ensure fewer copies of sensitive documents are produced, which will make it easier to manage GDPR. If you do have to print, use both sides of the paper.

4. Reduce consumables

Instead of providing plastic cups at the water dispenser and polystyrene cups and plastic spoons for tea and coffee, equip your workplace with reusable dishware and cutlery. Yes, you will need to make an initial investment in these items and perhaps even dishwashers, but it will save you money in the long run, not to mention reduce non-recyclable waste.

5. Use recycled ink cartridges

Recycled ink and toner cartridges are better for the environment and more cost effective for your business. Remember to recycle the cartridges you’ve used as well.

Remember that recycling doesn’t have to be difficult. Once your recycle-at-work scheme is up and running, it should become second nature to everyone in the office, reducing your impact on the environment and helping you to run a more eco-friendly business.

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