Five team building activities to do with your colleagues that aren’t a coffee break

The shift to remote working has made many of us appreciate the value of a sense of community at work. Now that we finally can return to our workplaces, the social transformation may be tough for some people. The atmosphere in the break room may be a bit more rigid and nervous than before the pandemic. So now may be the time to introduce activities that will build relationships and break the ice! Here are our top five tips.

A film or series club

After the weather, what everyone’s currently watching is probably the most common topic of conversation in the break room. So why not make it an organised activity? The concept is simple, and you can structure it however you want. One episode a week, or a whole season per month? Predetermined discussion points, or perhaps individual reviews? And it’s easy to include people working remotely by getting together in a video meeting.

Jumble sale/swap day

Get to know your colleagues while updating your wardrobe! A person’s dress style or taste in interior design can reveal a great deal about their personality. But it can also be a big surprise! In any case, many of our possessions come with a story – and one that can also work as a good conversation starter. A jumble sale or swap day can also be varied, for example by having a set theme. Such as party and glitter, books, shoes or perhaps “my most ridiculous purchase”.

Lunchtime yoga and meditation

The advantages of shared yoga and meditation sessions in the workplace are countless and go far beyond building relationships. Yoga and meditation prevent stress and stiffness, make you less sedentary, boost the circulation and give your brain a well-deserved break – to mention just a few benefits.

Friday quiz

Who doesn’t enjoy a fun quiz? The opportunities are endless! Divide the group into teams or compete as individuals. Have a rolling schedule for who runs the quiz and sets the theme, or use quizzes you find online. On sites like, you can put together your own quiz or use other people’s. If lots of you are working from home, websites and apps like Kahoot can be a good solution, because everything is digital.

Coffee break club

Well, OK, so we promised a list without mentioning coffee breaks, but we couldn’t resist! Break times are sacred to some people, but there’s still plenty of potential. A coffee break club could be as simple as one person being in charge of the refreshments once a week. It doesn’t have to be anything particularly expensive or luxurious. But unusual snacks from other countries, or perhaps treats inspired by a film... that’s bound to give you plenty of things to talk about.

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