The office of the future: purpose and benefits

Are your employees working from home right now? Are there a lot of empty workstations in your office? If so, it may be time to throw out the desks and make room for creative collaboration spaces.
As restrictions are being removed, the world’s workplaces are also going back to normal. Or maybe not? A lot of things indicate that what we thought of as ‘normal’ before the pandemic really isn’t any more. Instead, we’ll be seeing a new type of office as well as more hybrid working, that is to say a combination of remote and office work.

 There are lots of advantages to hybrid working. Above all, it gives employees greater flexibility and more control over their time, which makes everyday life much easier for many people. Plus, because work no longer needs to be done from a particular place, it also increases the chances for you, as an employer, to find people with the right expertise for your company no matter where they’re based. But as the option to work remotely increases, so too do the demands on the workplace. There must be value in physically taking yourself to work the office.
One way to make the office more attractive is to focus on things that employees feel are disadvantages of remote working, or that they miss. For example, the lack of social interaction, which is the biggest disadvantage of working from home for many people. Not only for the sense of community but also for creativity. Simply travelling to and from the office brings new sights, sounds and experiences that give rise to inspiration. Once there, it’s often easier to exchange ideas and get feedback in a person-to-person encounter than on a phone or video call.
If you simply dare to challenge the idea of how an office ‘should’ be, the options are endless!”
So, it’s a good time to design the workplace in a way that promotes social gatherings and creativity. At the same time, it’s important to remember that everyone in a workplace has different needs and desires. Some can’t work in an open plan office but need more isolated spaces where they can concentrate without being disturbed. For others it’s important to be able to switch between working at their desk and in a comfortable armchair. If you simply dare to challenge the idea of how an office ‘should’ be, the options are endless! Find inspiration for your office of the future in AJ Products’ breakout furniture range.

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