6 tips for creating a better work environment

6 tips for creating a better work environment

A good work environment brings many advantages. Your employees will feel good and enjoy their work. This in turn leads to increased productivity and, therefore, greater profitability. It is up to you as an employer to create a safe, ergonomic workplace that promotes good health. Check out our six tips for making your workplace even more pleasant.  

1. Ergonomics is the crucial factor

Bring in an ergonomics expert and check that everyone has the right work equipment. Adjustments may need to be made for employees who are shorter or taller than average. Desks, chairs, computer monitors, keyboards, and mice are among the most important items of work equipment.  

2. Varied work positions

Strain on the body is currently one of the main causes of problems in the work environment. Variety is the key to the effective prevention of stressstrain-related injuries. Try to ensure that employees can vary their tasks, working position, tools, and pace of work to help them avoid the most monotonous tasks wherever possible.  


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3. Correct lifting techniques

Back injuries are very common in the construction sector and in factories. There are no specific rules, but you should try to avoid lifting from below knee height and above shoulder height. Always carry things close to your body and help colleagues to lift heavy items. Give your employees training in the right techniques so that they can do things correctly from the start. 

4.  Reducing noise

By lowering noise levels, you can help improve concentration in the workplace. Acoustic panels and ear defenders are effective ways of blocking unwanted noise caused by machines or people. Introduce a clear policy that describes how to work on tasks that require concentration.  

5. Good lighting

Lighting is essential for employees to be able to work effectively. Choose light sources that do not flicker or dazzle people. Encourage your employees to go outside in the daylight during their lunch breaks, especially during the darker months of the year. This lowers the levels of melatonin in the body and makes people feel more alert.  

6. Focusing on the work environment

Keep track of the laws and regulations that currently apply and maintain a focus on work environment issues. Carry out regular risk assessments and draw up action plans so that all the employees in the workplace feel good and can do their jobs more effectively.  

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