Do nothing and become more productive at work

How many breaks do you take during the working day? Probably not enough! Many people say they haven’t got the time, or don’t want to break their concentration. But the fact is that breaks would probably make you more productive and focused.
Most people today are aware of the importance of recovery for both body and soul. We associate recovery with longer breaks and time off work – and we aren’t wrong. But research shows that even short breaks during the day are just as important. They not only make us more productive at the time but can also help prevent illness and stress in the longer term.

Research carried out by Baylor University in Texas shows that when we take breaks, as well as what we do with them, can also be significant. According to the researchers behind the study, it doesn’t matter much what we do during our breaks as long as it’s something we enjoy. But when we take them is more important. The study shows that the best time is during the morning. This gives you more energy at the end of the day.

Our top trick for remembering to take a break!

The Pomodoro technique was invented in the 1980s and takes its name from the tomato-shaped egg-timer originally used to set the time. (‘Pomodoro’ is the Italian word for ‘tomato’.) The method involves intense focus on a task for 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. The procedure is repeated four times, and then you take a longer break. By structuring your work and breaks in this way, you ensure that you actually take breaks without having to remind yourself. The technique also gives your brain the best possible conditions for working optimally, as it doesn’t have to concentrate for longer periods at a time.

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