AJ asks: what are the pros and cons of working from home?

With businesses thinking about the future of the workplace, now is the perfect time to ask people how they’ve found working from home, what they miss about the office and how they’d like to work going forwards. We asked our followers on LinkedIn to share their thoughts.

We want the best of both worlds

Two thirds of our respondents are ready to embrace a hybrid working model that would see them working in the office some days a week and working from home on others. 24% would like to continue working from home permanently while just 10% said they would prefer to work in the office full time. This will be important for business to consider as they evaluate whether to offer employees greater flexibility going forwards.

We’ve missed working with others

62% of respondents said team collaboration would be the biggest benefit of returning to work in an office, while a massive 80% chose their co-workers when asked what they’ve missed most while working from home.

We don’t miss commuting!

Over half of people asked said that the lack of commute was the biggest benefit of working from home while an additional third said they have gained a better work/life balance. Time spent commuting to work varies greatly but, for those with a longer commute, the time saved not only allows additional time for friends, family and hobbies but also gives the opportunity to put in extra hours at work without losing any free time. It’s a trade off that companies may want to take into account as they finalise their plans.

We need to take more breaks from the desk

At AJ we believe in an active workday, that’s why we asked people what they do to take a break from the desk. 44% exercise outdoors, 6% have been exercising indoors and 25% do yoga or stretch exercises but worryingly a quarter of all respondents did no physical activity to get them away from their desk. Perhaps this is due to the confines of working from home and would be different in the office –25% of respondents did say the greatest benefit of returning to work would be a better physical workspace. But we also know that sedentary behaviour is a wider problem. AJ offers lots of tips and advice on how to be more active at work whether in the office or working from home.

Our Return to Work series looks at the different options companies are faced with as Covid restrictions start to lift. Will home working continue? Will businesses offer more flexibility with hybrid working patterns becoming the norm? Most importantly, how can businesses adapt, remain productive and continue to support their employees in this new normal.

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