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Buy Folding Trolleys and Trucks

At AJ Products, you can buy efficient material handling solutions such as platform trolleys, sack trucks, dollies and much more. We provide these trolleys and trucks in various shapes, sizes and types. You can either select options made of aluminium, steel or plastic. Trolleys and trucks are available in a wide range of different sizes and load capacities. Read the following points to learn more about our different types of trolleys and purchase suitable ones for your workplace.

Folding platform trolleys

Most of our trolleys have a robust aluminium frame and a spacious platform in a variety of different materials. These are suitable for transporting bulky and unwieldy items in different types of workplaces. As our trolleys are collapsible, they are suitable for environments with space constraints and can be easily stored when not in use. Most of our trolleys are equipped with two swivel castors and a pair of fixed wheels for smooth transportation. The types of handles and weight capacity are different for each of these trolleys. Click on product specifications for more details about each trolley.

Super compact trucks

Our compact trucks are sturdy, stable and equipped with a telescopic frame that is easy to fold up. We provide these with a lightweight aluminium construction and plastic details. Once folded, you can easily store them, as they do not occupy much space. These are fitted with folding toe plates and solid rubber wheels with good shock absorption. Similar to our platform trolleys, these trucks also come with different load capacities. Contact us for more details.

Folding box trucks

Along with trolleys for heavy goods, we also provide box trucks that are suitable for moving files in your office. This folding trolley is made of durable moulded plastic and is very lightweight, so you can easily carry it around. You can easily fold it completely flat when not in use. These trolleys are great options if you work from home and need to carry some paperwork with you. The trucks are available in a combination of blue and yellow, or red and grey. As well as these, you can also browse through our range of stainless steel trolleys, tool trolleys and much more to cater for all your transport needs. For further assistance, selecting suitable trolleys, please contact us.