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Transport goods easily with a roll cage trolley

Any business that holds stock on site will need a convenient solution for moving goods efficiently from delivery vehicles into the warehouse or stockroom and out onto the shop floor or onward transport. Thanks to the wide range of cage trolleys and pallet containers on offer at AJ Products, you will find an option that suits your needs.

Facilitate loading and transport with a cage trolley

A warehouse cage trolley is ideal for transporting packages, boxes and other non-palletised goods from production line, to warehouse, to delivery vehicles to final point of sale. Open sides make the trolleys quick and easy to load and unload. You can choose from a 2 sided or 3 sided cage trolley. The high sides provide support for the goods to make it easy to stack boxes without the risk of collapse. Nestable roll containers are also exceptionally convenient when not in use as they can be folded up and stored without taking up much space.

Keep goods secure with a security trolley

Unlike a standard roll container, a mesh security trolley has no open sides and is fitted with a roof so that goods cannot be picked off the truck without opening the gates. As the gates are lockable with a padlock, this restricts access to authorised personnel. A lockable trolley deters against theft when the trolley is used to transport goods on delivery vehicles and enables staff to leave the trolley on the shop floor if necessary without the risk of casual theft from passers-by.

Store small goods more efficiently with a pallet container

Non-palletised goods are some of the hardest things to store. A wire mesh container is a simple but space efficient way to store small loose goods. The container can be placed on a pallet and stored in racking, but most models have a hinged gate on the front which makes it easier to reach in and remove goods from the cage. You could also opt for a mobile storage cage that would provide lockable storage for small items and could be more easily moved to where it is needed. A roll cage trolley is an essential transport tool in almost any warehouse or production facility. Once you have found the right one from your needs ensure that the rest of your distribution process moves just as smoothly. AJ Products has a wide range of other materials handling equipment including sack trucks, platform trolleys, pallet trucks, box dollies and more to cater for every lifting and handling need. Browse our huge selection online.