Facilitate access with a handy ramp

Whether moving goods over uneven floors, loading goods onto vehicles or providing temporary disabled access, a ramp is a handy tool to have to hand. Our range of dock plates and loading ramps provide a cost-effective way to improve access and speed up internal transport.

Threshold ramp for curbs and obstacles

A threshold ramp is an easy way to bridge differences in floor level and make it easy to roll over them. A jointed, door threshold ramp allows you to pass over obstacles such as doorways, curbs, pipes and cables. It is a simple but effective tool for use in factories, warehouses and other environments that require seamless transportation of goods on sack trucks, trolleys or small vehicles. This type of access ramp is also well-suited to premises that require universal disabled and wheelchair access, allowing the user to pass through uneven doorways without difficulty.

Loading ramps for convenient vehicle loading

Loading ramps are ideal for moving small vehicles and trolleys onto trucks and trailers, giving a smooth transition from one level to the next. They feature a bent top edge that stabilises the ramp against the truck or raised surface while in use. A curved loading ramp makes it easier to load and unload vehicles with low ground clearance such as ride-on lawnmowers, go-carts, etc. You can set the distance between the two tracks to any width to fit your vehicle.

Robust construction

By choosing an aluminium ramp from AJ Products you get a lightweight design that is easy to move around but still offers robust construction that can withstand heavy loads. We have options available that can handle up to 400 kg – look out for the load capacity as listed in our specifications. This type of metal ramp features a non-slip, cross-hatch surface to provide grip underfoot for both pedestrians and trolleys. They offer a permanent or portable solution to improve access. In addition to access ramps, AJ Products offers a wide range of other equipment to facilitate access and streamline materials handling. Check out our range of sack trucks, platform trolleys, roller conveyors and more. We also provide many solutions to improve health and safety such as floor signs, hazard warning tape and perimeter barriers to restrict unauthorised access and prevent workplace accidents. If you need more information, please call our sales team or chat with us online.