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Warehouse Store Shelving

When it comes to organising space for almost any warehouse, shelving systems are one of the most common and convenient solutions. Hence, at AJ Products we aim to provide warehouse shelving systems that can help increase efficiency, reduce clutter and store equipment and tools. Read the following points to learn more about our different types of shelving systems and find the one that best suits your warehouse.

Combo shelving system

Combo shelving is one of our store shelving systems that is best suited for factories and workshops. With this system you can build your own combined shelf and workbench solution. Each shelving unit is provided with four uprights with perforations, with which you can hook the shelves at any height. The shelves are constructed with strong beams and thick particleboard, and have a load capacity of up to 700 kg each. You can use these shelves to store items, or add back rails, tool panels and other accessories to make your own workstation. This system can be easily assembled without bolts and requires no pre-constructed end frames or rear bracing. Browse through our different options to find a unit in the right size and with the number of shelves that matches your requirements.

Light shelving

If you are looking for units for office storage or light-duty warehouse use, our light shelving units is an ideal choice. These units are made from powder coated sheet steel, which provides shelves with a hard-wearing finish. Similar to our combo shelving system, you can assemble these shelves without screws or bolts. Light shelves are available in two shades of grey: choose the one that suits your interiors. In addition, these units are supplied with feet that can protect your floor against scratches.

Wide span shelving systems

Our wide span shelving units are well suited to store goods such as large spare parts, heavy equipment and tools, etc. These shelves are made from galvanised sheet steel. You can extend these shelving units by purchasing add-on units. These can be placed directly on the basic unit, which can also help save your floor space. Contact us to find out more about the different sizes, colours and accessories. If you are looking for shelves that serve specific purposes, you can go through our rack shelving systems. Here you can find shelves that are used in diverse environments such as libraries, retail stores, offices and others. Along with using shelves to keep your factories or warehouses organised, we also offer tool cabinets that can help you enhance your storage solutions. Use our online chat for any assistance required regarding the selection or purchase of suitable shelving systems.