Sack trucks & warehouse carts

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Sack Truck & Warehouse Carts for Every Industry

In order to run your business smoothly and allow worker efficiency you need to be able to transport goods and supplies quickly and easily. Find every sort of sack truck and warehouse cart you require from our wide range of industrial and warehouse products. From heavy duty carts to small folding trolleys, we have it all. Our range of carts and trucks is always evolving and expanding, giving you the best variety of products to choose from.

Sack trucks

We, at AJ Products, offer a wide range of materials handling equipment: from stacker trucks to sack trucks. When it comes to sack barrows we have options to cater for every need: from heavy loads to stair climbing as well as 2-in-1 trucks. Our heavy duty sack trucks can help you move loads of up to 400 kilos easily (dependent on model), thanks to their steel construction and large robust wheels. Features such as pneumatic wheels and protective hand grips, make this type of heavy duty sack truck easy to manoeuvre. We also offer compact sack trucks that can be easily folded up and stored when not in use, which means you can even keep them in your car or van. Our stair climber sack truck is fitted with three wheels for smooth travel up and down a flight of stairs. We also have rough terrain sack trucks that allow you to transport heavy loads over rough and uneven ground more easily. Look out for warehouse sack trucks with features such as puncture proof wheels, telescopic handles and/or foldable toe plates to further facilitate transportation in and around the warehouse. For more products and product information, please browse our webpage.

2-in-1 trolleys

Our 2-in-1warehouse carts are designed to convert from a sack barrow into a platform trolley quickly and easily so that you only need one cart to cater for numerous different materials handling needs. Simply change the position of the handle to switch between the two. We even offer 3-in-1 trucks that can also be used as a 4-wheel sack cart to support heavy loads. Equipped with large pneumatic rubber wheels as well as small castors, this type of transport trolley is easy to handle and manoeuvre in any position. As well as the options described above, we also have gas cylinder trolleys, dollies, lifting trolley sand more for easy transportation of goods across the warehouse. Please have a look at our product images and descriptions to understand which product best suit your industrial requirements.