Lifting equipment

Lifting Equipment

Make heavy lifting easier with our range of pallet trucks, stackers, lift tables, machine skates, jacks and more. You can even adapt your forklift to suit all your lifting needs with our forklift attachments.

Lift jacks and axle stands

AJ Products can provide your business with a compact and stable hydraulic jack. Perfect for repairs, maintenance and installation of heavy machinery. Our range of lift jacks are versatile and easy to operate. They can be used in any position and the pump lever is detachable for added flexibility. The lowering speed is adjustable. The built-in overload protection ensures safe use. Make lifting easy and streamline your work with axle stands. The stands are suitable for lifting trucks and heavy machinery and are ideal for engineering and industrial environments. Our lift jacks are designed to facilitate the lifting of heavy equipment.

Lift tables and trolleys

Material handling processes are one of the most important aspects of demanding environments such as warehouses and workshops. These processes often involve lifting, loading and unloading of goods from one place to another. AJ Products sells good quality mobile lift tables and trolleys, which can help you to carry out such processes with ease. Make heavy lifting easier with our range of lift tables. Choose from hydraulic lift tables, manual lift tables, scissor lift tables, double scissor lift tables & mobile lift tables. Have a look at our product pages for specifications.

Pallet trucks

Great range of pallet trucks to facilitate heavy and industrial lifting. The pallet trucks are easily manoeuvred, safe and functional and will help you get the job done efficiently, quickly and easily. Choose from hand pumped or powered, quick lift or high lift, lightweight or heavy duty pallet trucks. Our robust pallet trucks are ideal for heavy everyday use while the adjustable forks mean you can move any type of pallet with one truck. With a wide range of load capacity from 200kg to 3000kg, we can cover any job.

Roller Conveyors

Our range of roller conveyors is suitable for many different industries and can be used with boxes, crates, timber and other cargo with a flat bottom. Our Course flexible roller conveyor is easy to adapt to the situation and workflow. You can shape the conveyor according to your wishes, for example in an S-curve while the height-adjustable stand allows you to set a comfortable working height. The conveyors are available with a choice of materials on the rollers, from sturdy steel to nylon to PVC, ensuring that the rollers provide the most efficient transport surface and do not damage the goods.