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Office Furniture for the workplace

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An office’s furniture and layout will have a direct impact on its productivity. The office furniture chosen should be able to provide employees with everything they require so that they can focus their energies and efforts on work. For instance, if your employees are using uncomfortable chairs they will be distracted. They will take breaks more frequently to relive their discomfort. This will impact their daily productivity. In the long run, uncomfortable chairs can also cause injuries. This is why you should choose furniture with care. At AJ Products we aim to provide you with quality furniture for your business at the best possible prices. Given below is information on some of the larger categories of our product range:


Office Chairs


Chairs are a very important part of every office. Different types of chairs will need to be chosen for different areas of the office. This choice will also depend on the purpose that the chairs will be used for. For example, stackable conference room chairs can be used for increased flexibility while executive chairs can be used to make a positive impression on clients. We have chairs for businesses on a budget as well as those looking for high-end models. They are upholstered in a variety of materials like leather, imitation leather, fabric, wool, etc. and are available in various colours.


Office Desk


The approach to office desks is evolving. The concepts of hot desking and standing desks are becoming more common. Whether you believe in this modern approach or prefer tried and tested design principles, we have desks that will suit your taste. Our wide range includes conventional executive office desks as well as electrically height adjustable desks.


An alternative to the traditional furniture for your business


But why not improve on the traditional desk and office chair with a height-adjustable desk and an active sitting chair? Introducing a height-adjustable standing desk for each employee in the office, for example, could help staff to be more active and healthy at work. By using an ergonomic Pilates stool, balance chair or saddle chair, you can activate your core and back muscles, which improve your posture. If you are looking for a new work chair, an active chair is an excellent choice!


Storage and shelving units for the workplace


The right storage solution can help offices remain organised and tidy. This can reduce the time required to find information, documents, files and even keys. Our range of storage products can help you keep everything from paperwork to keys organised. Browse our pages to find specialised storage solutions like an emergency key cabinet.


Drawing storage cabinets for your business


Although the number of businesses going paperless has increased, there are some sectors where paper documents are still required. Hence, safe and secure storage of these documents, and other items such as files, folders, notebooks, and stationery, is necessary. At AJ Products, we provide a plethora of drawing cabinets, so that you can avoid clutter at your workstation, safely store large documents and contribute towards improved work productivity.



Screens, dividers and partitions to help with acoustics and privacy


If you are looking for simple ways to divide your desks, or you need an innovative way to utilise all of the space you have available, then our desk screens are the best solution for you. Our range of screens is completely versatile to your needs, from where you want to place them, to giving you an option to pin up notes and pictures. Dividers and partitioning are mainly used to utilise the space in a room to the fullest and for privacy. We provide these products and so much more. Our screens are not only designed to create visually-appealing rooms but also serve as whiteboards and notice boards.


Mail sorting cabinets and units


With our mail sorting cabinets, you will be able to store your mail, printouts, loose papers and other paperwork efficiently. Our cabinets have numerous individual compartments and are available with and without doors. Those cabinets that are equipped with doors are provided with individual locks that can help ensure maximum protection of the items stored inside; some also come with a master door for supervisor access. Most of the open-fronted cabinets come with adjustable shelves that allow you to adjust the size of the compartments to suit your requirements. We provide cabinets that are made of sheet steel or laminate, both of which are easy to clean and maintain.


Whether you are looking to furnish your entire work space or need assistance with specific products, we are happy to help. Leave us a message and we will help you find the right furniture for your workspace.


 If you don’t have the right furniture, the right chairs, desks and storage, then your business will struggle to be as successful as it could be. Finding the right furniture might seem like a daunting task, but with the help of AJ Products, you will have the right office furniture online in no time. We provide free delivery with all our orders. Contact us if you need help choosing the right solutions for your company or if you have any question about our products.