Active sitting chairs

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Active Sitting - an alternative to traditional chairs

Many employees these days spend a large part of their working day sitting in front of a computer for extended periods. This means that practically all day they are sitting on chairs, which is not recommended for the human body. Research has shown that sitting for long periods of time can negatively affect health and productivity. This is why employers should consider investing in alternative options for seating. In some countries these alternatives are slowly supplanting conventional office chairs. At AJ Products we offer a wide range of options for active sitting. Active seating solutions force the body to exercise the muscles and strengthen the back and legs while an employee is working. Read below to learn more about active sitting options from AJ Products.

Balance ball stool

We provide a modern balance stool that has a built-in Pilates ball. This stool helps the user improve their posture and strengthen their back muscles. Using the balance ball stool can help relieve tension from shoulder muscles, improve blood circulation, effectively prevent fatigue, and help maintain a healthy posture during work. The exercise ball is upholstered with durable light wool fabric and is fitted with solid wooden legs. The kit with this product includes an air pump that can be used to adjust the firmness of the stool. We also offer a Pilates balance ball, which is fitted with a metal plate base for added stability. It is covered in synthetic leather and available in three colours: black, grey and green. Choose the colour that best fits the interior of your business.

Ergonomic stools

Our ergonomic stools work well in a wide variety of environments: offices, schools, health clinics, etc. For example, the award winning Back App chair allows the user to exercise the spine muscles while sitting at work. According to research results, this chair provides the same type of training as cycling and horseback riding. Another product that provides ergonomic seating is the Bristol Pilates stool. It has an air-filled seat, a chrome steel frame and can be height adjusted to suit various users. This stool helps maintain the natural curvature of the spine and a healthy posture while sitting. It can help prevent back pain. Another chair worth seeing is the Exeter work chair with active seat. It offers a three-dimensionally adjustable seat, which contributes to reducing fatigue and increasing efficiency. Click on a product to find out more about its advantages. In addition to ergonomic chairs, saddle chairs and ergonomic stools with an active seat, we also offer ergonomic accessories such as a balance seat cushion to help with movement whilst being seated. This be used on a traditional chair to help achieve and maintain an ergonomic position when sitting. Contact us if you require any further information.