Office trolleys

Ergonomic and Efficient Office Trolleys

Most offices have many different files, pieces of equipment and other items that need to be transported from one of end of the office to another on a regular basis. For this reason, office trolleys are important as they help you to keep things mobile while staying organised. When not in use, some office trolleys can also serve the same function as a filing cabinet. We at AJ Products aim to provide office trolleys that are designed to fit almost any need you might have. Here are a few features that our office trolleys can offer.

Size and Load Capacity

We have office trolleys in all sizes and dimensions. The trolleys come in various load capacities too. These specifications enable you to choose a trolley based on your needs and requirements. Moreover, our trolleys have 1-3 shelves, creating a space for extra loading or storage and giving you more space to carry goods that need to be transported. If you are looking for trolleys with a higher load capacity to cater for the transportation of heavy goods, we also have transport trolleys that have load capacities up to 3500 kg.

Durable and Sturdy Material

Made from plastic, sheet steel, mesh or laminate with a metal frame, our trolleys are made from quality materials, making them durable and highly efficient. Moreover, several of our trolleys have shelves made of Formica, a type of high-pressure laminate. As a material, high pressure laminate is highly scratch-resistant, easy to maintain and is resistant to high temperatures and spills. This makes the trolleys perfect for everyday use. However, if you require sturdier trolleys, our platform trolleys are designed to be used in demanding environments and are made of materials that are both hard wearing and easy to maintain.

Ergonomic office trolleys to reduce lifting injuries

In any office there are files, printer paper, office supplies and other items that need to be transported to different floor and parts of the premises. While employers in construction and warehousing industries put a lot of importance on safe handling and lifting, this is an area that is often neglected for staff working in offices, yet it is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries. Using an office trolley removes the need for lifting and makes it easier for any member of staff to move supplies around. A mobile filing trolley also helps you to organise files and provides convenient access to folders at your desk. AJ Products has office trolleys designed to suit any need.

Quick internal mail delivery

A mailroom trolley is a quick and easy way to deliver mail to employees in different parts of your office, school or premises. There are a number of different configurations available so you can choose whether baskets or shelves would be more convenient for the type of mail you usually need to move. A mail trolley with a basket is ideal for letters and small parcels while a shelf will give more space for larger packages.