How to choose the right storage solutions for your office

How to choose the right storage solutions for your office

Well-thought-out storage not only makes life easier, but also helps make the whole office space much tidier and more attractive. But how do you choose the right storage solutions for your workspace? This simple storage guide covers some of things that may be good to consider when you’re looking to buy storage cabinets for the office.

Every business need storage. Fortunately, there is storage furniture available to suit any environment. If you’re struggling to choose between open shelves and storage cabinets, then why not combine the two? That way you can hide documents and piles of paper while displaying things that are nicer to look at, like books, awards and ornaments. If you choose modular storage, you can combine high and low cabinets and still create a uniform style throughout the office. Storage cabinets can also provide other benefits in the office – for example, they are perfect as room dividers

Choosing the right design

Laminate cabinets are a functional and affordable option for any office. Laminate looks like real wood but is much more durable. It also comes in a wider choice of colours. The material is maintenance-free with a smooth, scratch-resistant and water-repellent surface, which makes these cabinets suitable for long-term use in most environments.

Wooden cabinets with a veneer finish have a thin surface layer of real wood that adds a solid and classy feeling to the office environment. Because it’s a living material, veneer cabinets have an elegant appearance with natural colour changes in the surface. However, the material is not as hard wearing as laminate and so is better suited to areas that will see less demanding use in order to keep it in great condition.

Powder-coated steel cabinets are extremely durable and suit environments where wear and tear will be high. These cabinets often have a high load capacity per shelf and are an excellent option for archives, for example.

Open shelves are available in different sizes, materials and designs. Open storage fits well in most environments and is perfect for easy access and/or decorative touches.

Selecting a door

  • Regular doors give you a good overview of the entire contents of the cabinet but have to be opened outwards.
  • Sliding doors are a perfect alternative in confined spaces but only allow you to see one side at a time.
  • Tambour doors slide into the cabinet itself so they don’t take up space at all in the room while allowing you to see the full contents of the cabinet.

Get a good lock

Do you want to prevent unauthorised access and opportunist theft? A lockable cabinet is particularly important if you are storing sensitive documents. Choose a key lock if access to the cabinet is going to be restricted to only one person. Alternatively, an electronic code lock allows several people to have access to the cabinet without complicated key management.

Think about the interior

Choosing a cabinet with an adjustable interior makes it easier to customise the storage to your needs, for example with extra shelves and smart inserts. For added functionality, you can also add document drawers and magazine files that make it easy to sort – and find – the things you want to save.

Go big or small, high or low

If you have plenty of room, several low cabinets in a row can be a nice alternative to a high cabinet, leaving the workspace more open and providing an ideal space for plants and other decorative details. However, if floor space is limited, the solution may be to go for height. You could opt for a tall cabinet, place two cabinets on top of each other or mount wall mounted shelves up to the ceiling above a cabinet– there are lots of different options depending on your needs!

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