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Do you ever have times when you urgently need to staple a few papers but cannot find the stapler, or when you look through a bunch of documents but still can’t find the one you need? These kinds of situations often land you with more work and consume your valuable time. Hence, at AJ Products, we provide a wide range of office accessories that can help you avoid such problems. Read the following points to learn more about our different accessories and their purposes, then purchase the ones that can help you maintain a well-organised workspace.

Solutions to keep your documents organised

We provide a large variety of options that can help you organise your documents systematically. For example, opt for our form compartments that can help you sort and organise your documents while saving space. You can place these compartments on your cabinet or desk for easy accessibility. For a complete storage solution, you can even stack multiple units on top of each other. If you are looking for drawers to store your A4, C4 and foolscap paperwork, our document organiser with colourful drawers is an ideal solution. If you want to display frequently required or important documents on your desk, opt for our document holder. With this sturdy document holder, you can keep documents at the correct distance right in front of you and get the best viewing angle while you work at the computer. Click on individual product specifications for more details about each product.

Cable holders to avoid cable clutter

Your workspace might often look cluttered with dusty and tangled cables under your desk. Hence, we provide different types of cable trays that can help you organise your cables and avoid the mess. If you have a desktop with cable ports, opt for our cable tray that can be easily attached underneath your desk with screws. We also provide cable holders that can be attached to the desk or any other flat surface. These are especially suitable if you do not want to bend every time to charge your laptop or mobile as they keep the cables in place on the desktop and prevent them tangling. As well as these, we also provide cable protectors, cable boxes and much more. Once you’ve organised your documents and tidied your cables, you can also browse through our other accessories such as waste paper bins, archive boxes and pen trays for an organised and clean environment. Check out our office desks, chairs, storage solutions, etc. for a complete office solution. Contact us for any further assistance.