Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Safe for Your Business

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Safe for Your Business

Choosing the right safe for your business is crucial for protecting valuable assets and sensitive information from theft and fire. With GDPR regulations and increasing security threats, ensuring your items are securely stored is vital. This guide will help you select the perfect safe for your specific business needs.

Assess Your Security Needs

Evaluate What You Need to Protect

Before purchasing a safe, identify the items you need to secure and their value.
This will determine the level of security required:

Important Documents: Require fireproof safes.
Cash and Valuables: Need high-security, burglary-rated safes.
Electronic Data: Need media safes that protect from fire and water damage.
Two white cabinets with code locks
Storage cabinet with electronic lock SAFE

cube safe lockers mounted on a wall
Personal effects locker CUBE

Types of Safes and Their Features

Basic Lockable Storage

For low-value items, lockable storage cabinets provide basic security. While they aren’t rated for theft or fire protection, they can deter casual theft.

Burglary-Rated Safes

High-value items and sensitive documents should be stored in burglary-rated safes. These safes comply with European standards like EN 1143-1 and EN 14450, which test their resistance to burglary.

EN 14450: Covers security cabinets with S1 and S2 ratings.
EN 1143-1: Includes safes with grades 0 to VI, with higher grades offering better protection.

European Standard Approximate cash rating
EN-14450 S1 £2,000 cash rating
EN-14450 S2 £4,000 cash rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 0 £6,000 cash rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 1 £10,000 cash rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 2 £17,500 cash rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 3 £35,000 cash rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 4  £60,000 cash rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 5 £100,000 cash rating
EN-1143-1 Grade 6 £150,000 cash rating

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes protect sensitive documents from fire. They are rated based on how long they can protect the contents, such as P60, P90, and P120, which indicate protection for 60, 90, and 120 minutes, respectively.

Media Safes

Media safes are designed to protect electronic data like CDs, DVDs, USB drives, and hard drives. These safes maintain a low internal temperature during a fire, preventing damage to sensitive electronic equipment.
three black valuable storage cabinets
Personal effects safe VALUE
Two white safe cabinets
Fire and burglary safe DEFEND

Key Considerations When Choosing a Safe

Security Rating

Ensure the safe has the appropriate security rating for your needs. Higher ratings offer better protection and are often required for insurance purposes.

Fire Rating

Choose a fire rating based on the type of contents. Paper documents need different protection levels than electronic data.

Size and Capacity

Ensure the safe is large enough to store all your valuables and documents. Consider future needs as well.

Lock Type

Decide between key locks, combination locks, and electronic locks based on your security preferences and ease of use.

Tips for Optimal Safe Use

Before purchasing a safe, verify the required security and cash ratings with your insurance provider. This ensures your policy covers the stored items.

Regular Maintenance

Perform regular maintenance on your safe to ensure it functions correctly. This includes checking the locking mechanism and fire seals.

Proper Installation

Install your safe in a secure location. Bolting it to the floor or wall can prevent thieves from easily removing it.


Choosing the right safe for your business is essential for protecting your valuables and sensitive information. By understanding your security needs, knowing the different types of safes, and consulting with your insurance provider, you can make an informed decision and ensure your business assets are secure.

Valuable safes for secure storage


Consulting your insurance company ensures that the safe meets their security requirements and that your policy will cover the items stored within it.
The cash rating is based on the safe’s resistance grade, with higher grades offering better protection. Always check the cash rating with your insurance provider.
A lockable cabinet provides basic security for low-value items, while a burglary-rated safe offers higher protection and meets specific security standards.
Yes, media safes are specifically designed to protect electronic data by maintaining a low internal temperature during a fire.

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