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A group meeting or a brainstorming session cannot be very effective if it lacks the appropriate visual aids. Hence, you can consider purchasing whiteboards to note important points, reminders, ideas, quick sketches and more. At AJ Products, we provide whiteboards that serve varied purposes, and can be used in offices, conference rooms and even classrooms. The following points provide more information about our different types of boards.

Budget Boards

Our whiteboards are available in a variety of sizes. Depending on the placement of these boards, you will be able to select an appropriate size. The boards in our budget series have an enamel surface that is easy to clean and can be used regularly, without the risk of getting scratched. Additionally, these boards have a magnetic surface, which allows you to use magnets to tack important printouts onto the boards. You can purchase dry-wipe pens that allow you to write your messages and reminders on these boards and erase them without any ghosting. Other budget options are available with laminate or magnetic steel surfaces.

Magnetic Planning Boards

With our magnetic planning boards you can note down a plan for the entire year. These boards have vertical columns that display months and horizontal rows that display days of the week. These boards are an ideal solution to plan your meetings, projects, deadlines and holidays for the entire year. They have a discreet grey frame and protective corners made of plastic. A pen shelf is provided with each board, which allows you to access your whiteboard markers easily. You can even purchase colourful magnets to update or change the priority list of different projects. These boards come with fixings to mount them on walls where everyone can clearly see the content.

Double-sided Revolving Boards

Our double-sided revolving magnetic boards can be used as a part of your conference room furniture as they are ideal for presenting ideas and brainstorming. As these boards are double-sided, both sides have a similar surface made of high-quality glass enamel, which gives you ample space for writing. You can even use these boards as notice boards for offices as they have a magnetic surface and come with wheels. Display important notices or reminders using magnets on the board and transport it quickly between different rooms. We provide these boards in varied sizes; choose the one that suits your meeting room and workspace. Budget versions are also available with a laminate or steel surface. As well as whiteboards, we also provide glass writing boards, which are available in a wide variety of colours and sizes. Contact us for any assistance in choosing or buying suitable boards.