How to choose the best office desk

How to choose the best office desk

As you know, a desk can have several appearances. So how do you find a desk that not only suits your taste aesthetically but also fits in the premises and is suitable for your tasks? Here, we have listed the advantages of different types of desks and help you find the one that is right for you.
Office room with height adjustable desks

1. How do you use your desk space?

Time at your desk
How much time will you spend at your desk on an average day? If it's just a matter of one hour, then the desk should neither be too expensive nor big; choosing one as per your taste and preference should be good enough. But if you spend all day at your desk, you must be more careful in your choice with respect to size, quality, design, and functionality.

Size of the worktop
What do you need to have around you when you work? If you need many things around, such as stationery, a laptop, a couple of letter trays, and other desk accessories, you must choose one that is generous in size. But if the desk is to accommodate a laptop and a single binder, you can easily go down in size and instead leave space for other things in the room.

2. Choose the right desk shape

Classic straight
A straight desk is space-efficient and is often used in office landscapes or workplaces with limited floor space. The advantages of these classics are that they can be placed in different designs in the middle of the room or can be easily separated by using desk screens or screen walls.

Ergonomic wave
An ergonomic wave desk is ideal if you want to have the most important work tools at hand. The design of the worktop means you can come close to the table when you work, giving you the correct ergonomic posture with good support for your arms

Corner desk
A corner desk or L-shaped desk is suitable for sparsely furnished areas. They are especially suitable if the premises must accommodate several functions so that the floor space in the middle of the room can be kept free. If you also choose a side table, you can receive visitors and hold meetings right at your desk.
Two people in a meeting at a corner desk
Desk with ergonomic double wave

TIPS! An ergonomic workplace

Desk FLEXUS with a double wave arch in the desktop. The shape gives a more ergonomic posture, relieves the arms and makes items on the desk easier to reach.

  • Electrical height adjustable feature
  • Desktop with ergonomic arch shape and cable holes
  • Can be combined with storage solutions in the furniture series FLEXUS
Standing computer work at an adjustable desk

3. Fixed or adjustable height?

Fixed desk
If you choose a fixed desk, you must set the height of the desk according to your height. When you sit, you should be able to rest your arms on the worktop at about a 90 degree angle and the feet should rest on the floor or on a footrest. In this way, you get the most ergonomic sitting posture.

Height adjustable desk
Sedentary life is one of the major health hazards of our time and a consequence of the fact that long sedentary days in front of the computer have become a norm. Luckily this can be counteracted in several ways and one of them is using a height adjustable desk.

Constantly changing between a sitting and standing position during the day is a perfect way to activate the body at work. Desks in all colours, shapes and sizes come with the height adjustable feature and are an investment in well-being.

Are there more benefits to adjustable desks?

4. Use colour or wood imitation

Regardless of the shape and size of your desk, you can get it in a design that matches with your other furnishing. Our worktops have a durable and easy-care laminate surface. Most models are available in several colours such as birch, beech, oak, grey, clay grey, black and white. In some cases, you can also choose the colour of the frame.

Read our tips about office interior design colours
Corner desk with privacy screen at the bottom

5. Smart desk accessories

A privacy screen at the bottom facilitates furnishing and allows you to place the desk anywhere in the room, for example in an open office landscape. The privacy screen also adds to a smart overall impression by hiding the drawer units, paper baskets and cables in a smart way.

A desk unit for important papers, a cable trench that disentangles cable twists, a discreet desk drawer that does not steal away leg space, an ergonomic forearm support, monitor arm and desk pads.

There are many smart solutions available that enable you to choose precisely the desk you want. Do take a look at our wide accessory range for ideas of what you may need.
Electric height adjustable desk with white worktop and a black office chair
Standing desk FLEXUS
Small desk with a convenient storage shelf

Wide range of desks

Our wide range makes it easy for you to find an office desk or computer table that suits you regardless of your needs. If you need help in choosing, you are always welcome to contact us – we will be glad to help you!

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