Why choose active seating?

Why choose active seating?

The best working position is your next one! Natural variation during the workday is not only good from a comfort perspective but also provides additional energy. Ergonomic active sitting chairs are a perfect solution for anyone who sits a lot at work and wants to exercise more on a weekday!
Balancing stool in a home office

Better health and enhanced concentration

To maintain movement in muscles and joints, regular exercise is important, and it can be difficult to exercise if you have a sedentary job. Therefore, the correct seating can make a huge difference to your wellbeing.

Active seating that activates your core boosts fitness and helps strengthen your back and torso muscles. Your body is made to move and thrives when it is active. Long hours of sitting can squeeze the discs in the lumbar spine, and in the worst-case scenario it can lead to disc herniation.

Three good reasons for using an active chair:

1. Your deep muscles start working, energy levels and calorie consumption increase which is favourable both for your body and your concentration.

2. When you move, it improves blood circulation and oxygenation. This in turn makes you more efficient and productive.

3. Your posture improves as the pelvis becomes stronger and enables a more upright sitting position.

What type of active chair is suitable for you?

With a wide range of active seating available, you can easily find a chair to suit your way of sitting. If you like to fidget, consider a wheeled stool or balance ball, but if you prefer stability, then a stool with a backrest or fixed legs may be a better option.

Balance stools are naturally unstable, which means the body needs to concentrate to sit correctly. This results in stronger muscles around your torso, just by sitting and working.

When you sit on a balancing ball, your stomach, side and back muscles are activated naturally and your torso is strengthened. A balancing ball is a good complement to a traditional office chair so you can switch between the two.

A Pilates stool is a type of balance stool with an inflated seat that resembles a Pilates ball. This Pilates functionality is particularly suited to those who work in the healthcare sector, beauty salons or other jobs that require you to sit closely to another person while working. The chair allows you to move easily and get close to your patient or client at the correct working height, such as when moving around a person to cut hair or apply make-up.
Woman sitting on a balancing stool at a height adjustable desk
Balancing chair Back App that trains the back and torso

TIPS! Exercise your back and torso while sitting

We recommend BACK APP – a balance stool that follows your body movements and enables a better sitting position.

  • The balancing function helps train the muscles that support the lumbar spine.
  • Scientific studies show that the chair provides the same exercise to the torso muscles as cycling, riding or canoeing.
  • Research shows that some people suffering from back problems experience a reduction in pain when they use BACK APP.
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Saddle chairs support the body

For those looking for a more ergonomic seating option but not sure whether a balance chair is for you, there's one more alternative: a saddle chair.

Three reasons to pick a saddle chair:
  • On a saddle chair, you sit in a riding position and automatically get a good posture while your shoulders, hips and knees are supported.
  • Blood circulation in the legs is improved when compared to sitting on a traditional office chair throughout the day.
  • Tension in the back, which is typically caused by incorrect sitting postures, is avoided.
Saddle chairs are available with or without a backrest. A backrest gives you a little more support, plus you have the advantage of sitting in multiple ways, moving the backrest to a front, back or side position. We have a wide range of saddle chairs with wheels allowing you to find a suitable alternative to your traditional office chair.
Smiling man sitting on a balancing stool in his workplace

Varying your posture is the key to avoiding back injuries

Sitting several hours each day has a negative impact on the body. It is best to avoid static positions and change your working position at the desk as often as possible.

If you really want to be active while you work a desk bike is a sure-fire way to do so! When you pedal, your energy levels will increase and you will boost your blood circulation. It is an excellent way to burn some calories while sitting at your desk doing day-to-day tasks or attending meetings.

An ergonomically-designed office allows you to shift between sitting and standing up, as well as between different types of chairs. An ergonomic office chair supports and offers adjustment to suit your body shape, whereas an active seat activates your muscles and naturally corrects your posture.

What is important when choosing an office chair?

The optimal variation

An active sitting chair can complement a classic office chair. The very best combination is to switch between an office chair and some type of active chair and to work at a desk that can be raised and lowered. Then you can easily switch between standing, sitting normally and sitting actively.

Keep in mind that an active chair should only be used for an hour or so a day in the beginning until the body gets used to the new sitting position. It is common to feel the chair's effect in the form of exercise pain. The muscles are activated with the natural movement and the muscles and core becomes stronger over time. Soon every working day will be filled with energy!

What type of desk should you choose?


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