Office ottomans offer flexible seating for breakout areas

At AJ Products’ we offer a wide variety of office sofas and soft seating to help you create a welcoming and relaxing space for both visitors and staff. Office furniture ottomans are a flexible option for furnishing rooms that need to provide a lot of seats such as breakrooms and collaborative workspaces in offices or study areas in schools.

Seating blocks ELLA and CLUB

Liven up the hallway, lounge, classroom or waiting room with colourful seating blocks! These small padded stools are easy to move around so you can rearrange the room depending on what it is being used for at any given time. They are ideal for use in an activity-based workplace or classroom.

ALEX stools and benches

Matching the ALEX modular office sofa, the benches in this range can be combined with other seats in the range for a fresh and fun seating arrangement or they can be placed by themselves in hallways, lounges, lobbies and waiting rooms. They are perfect for short periods of sitting and fit lots of people.

EDGE office ottoman footrest

The EDGE stool is a sleek, modern piece of furniture that looks great either as a complement to the rest of the EDGE sofa range and on its own. When combined with a sofa, it works as a footrest, giving the person sitting on the couch a comfy position that will make them feel at home. This is perfect for office social spaces and chill-out areas. Alternatively, it can be used as a seat in the waiting room or corridor. AJ Products also has a huge selection of other breakout seating including waiting room sofas, armchairs, canteen chairs and bar stools as well as ergonomic office chairs and conference chairs. With our wide selection of office furniture, you can create the atmosphere that suits your company culture no matter your size or budget. All our sofas are delivered free of charge to UK mainland.