Office Chair Mats for your Workspace

You might have noticed that even after providing employees with comfortable office chairs, they are not able to position their chairs properly on certain surfaces. You can easily avoid such situations by using chair mats. At AJ Products, we sell good quality chair mats that can be used for your home as well as for corporate office spaces! For more details, we have briefly described some of our matting options below.

Chair Mats with Grippers

Our durable chair mats work as a complementary accessory for your workstation. These mats are a better option than using the chair directly on carpet, which might wear out after repeated use. These mats help to keep chair castors moving smoothly. They also prevent marks on exposed floor surfaces due to repeated chair dragging. The grippers that are built into the mat ensure that it always remains in place on carpeted floors. For more details about our mats, which are made from hard-wearing polyvinyl, click on the individual product images.

Ergonomic Chair Mats

While working, do not restrict ergonomics to comfortable chairs and footrests. Instead, also consider buying our ergonomic chair mats that are specially designed to prevent tired backs, legs and feet while standing and working. These mats have a soft and springy surface, which effectively supports your body. Use them as standard floor protection mats while sitting at your desk or as anti-fatigue mats while standing up. The dual features of this mat make it ideal for sit-stand desks. More details about the product are found on our product page.

Chair Mats for Hard Floors

Our durable mats are made from recycled materials and protect your floor from unnecessary wear and tear. They are designed for use on hard floors as they come without the grippers required for carpet. Moreover, the mat is transparent to easily blend in with the surroundings. As well as these options, we sell numerous other mats for a wide range of purposes. For more information and product specifications, go through our product page listings.

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