Pilates balance ball CORBRIDGE

Ø 750 mm, dark grey

Art. no.: 253242
  • Strengthens the core
  • Contributes to better posture
  • Increases blood circulation
Ergonomic balance ball for active sitting. The ball activates the muscles in your abs, sides and back, and strengthens your core. Easy to move with the handle. Ø 65 cm suits people under 175 cm (5'7''); Ø 75 cm suits people over 175 cm (5'7'').
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Product information

A pilates balance ball is a great alternative to a traditional office chair and keeps your body moving while you work sitting down.

When sitting on the balance ball, the muscles in your abs, sides and back are activated in a natural way, which strengthens your core.

The balance ball encourages better posture while you sit down. At the same time, it increases blood circulation in your feet and legs, which reduces the feeling of fatigue.

The balance ball has a durable fabric cover. The ball comes with a hand pump to inflate it. Inflate until the fabric is fully stretched out - this may require more air than you think.


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Product specifications

  • Seat height:750 mm
  • Diameter:750 mm
  • Colour:Dark grey
  • Material:Fabric
  • Composition:100% Polyester
  • Load capacity:120 kg
  • Recommended number of people for assembly:1
  • Estimated assembly time:5 mins
  • Weight:2.05 kg