Castor wheels

Castor Wheels for Mobility in Workspaces

Transportation is one of the most important aspects of material handling processes in demanding environments like warehouses. Various devices such as dollies, trolleys, wheelbarrows, etc. are used for transporting goods and products from one place to another in warehouses. This mobility is possible thanks to the castor wheels attached to the underside. At AJ Products, we sell quality types of castors, which you can attach to various devices used for transportation to customise them to your usage, application and environment. Browse through the wheel varieties before making your choice.

Pneumatic Castor Wheels

Have a look at our pneumatic castors, which are equipped with roller bearings for smooth movement. These come with nylon-sealed swivels that can be lubricated for additional swift movement. We make these castors with wide, soft and cambered treads. The treads have a large surface area, which does not leave marks on floors. The soft tread surface also makes it easy for the wheel to pass over thresholds and other similar obstacles as well as for use outdoors and over uneven terrain. The pneumatic castor wheels are available in two types – fixed and swivel. We also sell these wheels in different sizes and load capacities. For more details, go through our product pages by clicking on individual castor images.

Polyurethane Castor Wheels

We sell polyurethane castor wheels that can handle heavy loads. Make use of these wheels for equipment such as trolleys and wheelbarrows that are used for handling heavy loads in demanding environments. The treads are made from polyurethane, which provides low rolling resistance, thus helping the wheels move smoothly along any surface. The material is resistant to oil, grease and many chemicals. The wheels are also highly resistant to any shocks and stresses. This makes them beneficial for use in manufacturing environments that are subject to frequent machine vibrations. We sell the wheels in differing load capacities and sizes. They are available in two types: fixed or swivel. You have a choice to buy them either with or without brakes. If you want more information, browse through our various products and select the castors as per your requirement.

Nylon Castor Wheels

These castors are especially suitable for handling heavy loads while enabling mobility. Nylon castors do not leave any streak marks on floor surfaces. They are relatively light in weight, but also offer superior carrying capacity and durability. At room temperature, nylon is highly resistant to water, oils, organic solvents, etc. As these substances are frequently used in energy-intensive environments, the castors are suitable for these types of conditions. They have differing load capacities depending on the type chosen. We sell either fixed wheels or swivel castors, which also come with or without brakes.