Material Handling and Lifting Equipment

Our wide range of trolleys, pallet trucks, sack trucks and carts is designed to make your material handling and material lifting processes more efficient. When it comes to handing materials of any shape, size or weight, our equipment is scientifically designed to allow minimum work for the user. With some equipment having a maximum weight load of up to 60,000 kg, we guarantee that we can make your warehouse work easier!


Our lifting trolleys are sturdy and can be easily manoeuvred due the four castors and high push handles. These are ideal for unloading, transportation or even to use as a workbench. Our cage trolleys are fitted with shelves that can be folded and unfolded, depending on your need. Our electro galvanised security trolleys are perfect for secure transport and storage of important items as they are lockable. At AJ Products, we also offer platform trolleys, shelf trolleys and sack trucks as well as transport trolleys. All our transport trolleys come in different sizes with different load capacities, so please have a look at the product specifications to find the right fit for your company.

Pallet trucks and containers

We have easy-to-use, safe and sturdy pallet trucks, which can take a load up to 3000 kg depending on the model. These pallet trucks allow for a streamlined workflow and effectively facilitate heavy goods handling. Some models also have a quick lift feature that requires only three pump strokes to put it into transport mode. The steering wheels come in nylon, polyurethane or rubber to allow efficient manoeuvring and easy rolling on any floor type. Off road rough terrain pallet trucks are also available. We also produce pallet containers, which can be used for storing, handling and even transporting goods. As well as these, we have pallet trolleys, which help provide easy transport for pallets around the workspace.


You can choose from a wide range of dollies made from plastic, wood, aluminium and even WBP plywood. These facilitate the handling and transportation of heavy boxes and materials in and around the workspace. They are very easy to manoeuvre due to the easy rolling castor wheels, thus giving employees a simple and efficient way to move equipment. Similarly, our transport dollies provide an effective solution for moving heavy machinery and can take loads of up to 60 tonnes! As well as these, we produce access ramps and forklift attachments to make heavy load transport easy. We also have sack trucks, stacker trucks, platform trolleys and tipping skips to allow quick transportation. Have a look at the wide range of products we have to offer as well as the product specifications. Make sure to take a close look at the load capacities to ensure you choose a product suited to your needs. If you’re looking for accessories like lift jacks, roller conveyers and axle stands, you can choose from our range.