Two-part lifting chain

2800 kg load, Ø 8x3000 mm

Art. no.: 40524
  • 3 m lifting height
  • Conforms to EN 818, Class 8
  • With shortening hooks
Two-part lifting chain for most lifting situations. Manufactured in accordance with EN 818, Class 8.
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7 year warranty

Product information

This two-part lifting chain makes it easy to handle most lifting situations. The accompanying shortening hooks make the lifting chains very flexible, allowing you to easily handle goods with non-standard dimensions and asymmetrical weights. The shortening hooks can also be used to shorten the chains if you want to avoid extending them to their full 3 m before your goods leave the floor. The maximum lifting capacity applies to 0-45˚ lifts.


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Product specifications

  • Length:3000 mm
  • Diameter:8 mm
  • Load capacity:2800 kg
  • Weight:13 kg
  • Testing:EN 818, class 8, CE