Lifting Trolleys for Efficient Material Handling Processes

Material handling processes are one of the most important aspects of demanding environments such as warehouses and workshops. These processes often involve lifting, loading and unloading of goods from one place to another. AJ Products sells good quality mobile lift tables and trolleys, which can help you to carry out such processes with ease. Have a look at our product pages for specifications.

Lifting Trolleys

We sell robust and easy to handle lifting trolleys, which can be used as workbenches, unloading tables and lifting tables. The trolleys come with four castors, which can help you transport goods from one place to another without difficulty. Two of these castors have brakes, which allow you stop whenever required and keep the entire unit stable, especially while loading and unloading. They also come with a handle attached, which can be used for pushing and positioning the trolleys. You can use the foot pedal to lift the trolley’s platform in the upward direction, and lower it with the help of a pump. The pump is powered hydraulically for smooth height adjustment. Click on the product’s image for more details.

Manual Lifting trolleys

We sell robust manual lifting trolleys, which are beneficial when lifting heavy loads in demanding environments. The trolleys are suitable for lifting loads associated with assembly, repair and packing processes. By using these lifting devices, you will work more efficiently while at the same time reducing physical stress that might be caused by heavy lifting. The manual trolleys are a great alternative to transport trolleys, which you would have to unload by hand prior to lifting the goods. You can adjust the lifting height according to your needs with the help of a hand crank. We have provided four castors with the trolleys, out of which two have brakes. Brakes help you easily lock the trolley in position and maintain stability while lifting. For more specifications, scroll through our list of lifting products. Apart from these products, we also sell other types of trolleys and dollies, stacker trucks, hydraulic lift tables and more for use in demanding environments. Contact us if you need more details about the price, guarantee, delivery time, etc.