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Different Types of Pallet Trucks

Transporting, loading, lifting and unloading goods in warehouses, factories and industries require the use of the right equipment. This can help to simplify processes and increase work efficiency. Transport trolleys, sack trolleys, dollies and pallet trucks are some of the aids necessary for these processes. Pallet trucks are essential in any warehouse or distribution hub. Their forks are designed to slide under a pallet in order to help you load and unload them from transport vehicles and racking. AJ Products sells numerous types of high quality pallet trucks to help businesses streamline their warehouse activities. Some of our specialised pallet trucks are explained below so that you can choose the best one for your requirements.

Quicklift Pallet Truck

AJ Products offers faster lifting of loads with the help of Quicklift pallet trucks, wherein the forks can reach the stored pallets with just a single pump stroke and lift them up on the second pump. The devices provide good weight distribution and are equipped with nylon wheels, which are suitable for heavy loads on hard and robust floors. Read the product specification to gain more information about this type of pallet truck.

Adjustable Pallet Truck

The main characteristic of these pallet trucks is width-adjustable forks. They also feature forks that lower further than those of other trucks. This makes it easy for workers to lift low pallets, as well as loads which are stored on other specialist pallets. These trucks are designed in such a way that they can be used efficiently with pallets from non-European countries, which come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. You can adjust the width of the forks manually in a few minutes. Click on the different models that fall under this category and make your choice depending on the requirement.

Pallet Truck Specifications

AJ Products sells pallet trucks in a wide range of dimensions and specifications so that you can find one to suit your needs. We have pallet trucks with forks up to 2500 mm in length and a lift capacity of up to 2500 kg. Most standard pallet trucks lift from 75 to 85 mm from the ground up to between 195 and 205 mm. High lift pallet trucks are also available; these trucks allow you not just to transport but also to lift pallets onto shelving and vehicles, etc. Contact us or leave us a message if you want more information about pallet trucks. You can also consider other varieties of trolleys and trucks, which can be used for loading, unloading and transportation of goods and products in warehouses and similar work spaces. Browse through the various models and types displayed for more details.