Forklift Attachments& Accessories for added safety

Forklifts and lifting equipment are extremely useful in warehouses and manufacturing facilities for handling and moving heavy loads. However, even forklifts sometimes need a little extra help or enhancements to make them more efficient. You can make your existing forklift safer and more versatile by adding forklift attachments and accessories. At AJ Products, we provide forklift attachments and accessories along with a wide variety of material handling equipment. Read about our different products below to help you decide which accessory and attachment best suits your forklift requirements.


Our flat webbing slings are made out of lightweight polyester and are easy to use and gentle on the load. The slings are available in different lengths and are designed to handle up to1000kg. The round lifting slings are ideal for lifting light cylindrical objects as well as smooth, polished or slippery objects. The slings are made of lightweight polyester webbing, are durable and do not damage the cargo. You can also buy our round sling hooks used for fastening round slings. They are fitted with a safety latch and have the capacity to lift loads weighing up to 1000kg. For more product details, click on the product images.


Our durable ratchet straps are EN 12195-2 certified and made of durable polyester. They are moisture and wear and tear resistant. We have straps available with different load bearing capacities from 500kgto 4000kg. You can choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Fork extensions

Our fork extensions can be fitted over the fixed forks on your forklift to help you handle long and awkward loads. These extensions are fitted in such a way that they cannot slip off while being used. We also offer a fork mounted extended jib, which acts as a telescopic mobile crane with an extremely high lifting capacity. It has a capacity of 2300 kg and is ideal for moving bulky and heavy loads. For more information, visit our product pages.

Other Accessories

Our other forklift attachments include an adjustable fork mounted hook, snow plough for fork lift and wheelie bin handler. The adjustable fork mounted hook has a safety latch and a load capacity of 2500kg to help lift heavy loads. The fork lift plough is useful if you want to use your forklift for ploughing heavy snowfalls. The plough can be adjusted in three positions so you can direct the snow as needed. Our wheelie bin handler makes it easy and convenient to lift and empty wheelie bins using forklift trucks. It is easy to use and allows you to tip the bin into a large container. You can also make use of our high lift axle stands, which can help you lift heavy equipment with ease. For more information regarding our products, visit our individual product pages and choose the one which suits your requirements the best.