Lift jacks and axle stands for safe and effective heavy lifting

Heavy machinery requires specific tools to allow you to lift it safely and efficiently. At AJ Products, our range of hydraulic jacks and axle stands can support loads of up to 15 tonnes. Used together these tools provide you with a safe working environment when undertaking repairs or maintenance on cars, trucks or machines. You will also find trestle legs for a sturdy but quick-to-deploy temporary workstation and transport dollies for moving heavy loads.

Raise machines off the floor safely with a hydraulic jack

A hydraulic toe jack is a powerful and effective aid for heavy lifting and installation of machines. This type of hydraulic lifting jack has an extremely low profile so that it will fit underneath any equipment that needs to be lifted. Meanwhile, a simple floor jack offers a cost-effective option ideal for jacking up cars while you work. Choose a lift jack based on the lifting capacity and whether you need the lifting position to be adjustable.

Axle stands to support heavy loads when raised

Used in conjunction with a jack lift, an axle stand provides support for cars or machines when raised off the ground so that you can work safely. Unless you have access to an inspection pit, it is an essential tool in any garage or engineering environment. The axle stands featured in our range are height adjustable so you can raise the machine to the right height and support loads of up to 10,000 kg (depending on the model).

Lift engines with a folding workshop crane

This handy and quick-lifting workshop crane makes it safe to lift and lower car engines, for example, single-handedly. It features a hydraulic, dual-action pump, adjustable jib length and can handle loads of up to 1000 kg. A built-in overload system provides protection if the load weight is heavier than its nominal capacity. The crane can be easily operated by one person and is simple to fold up without tools so that it can be stored out of the way when not in use – ideal for smaller garages and workshops. Once you have an appropriate jack for raising machinery off the floor, you can browse our wide selection of heavy-duty machine skates and transport dollies, which allows you to move loads of up to 60 tonnes. We also provide lift tables, stacker trucks, forklift attachments and more to cater for all heavy handling and lifting needs. Our expert customer service team are available if you need any assistance finding the right equipment – call us or chat with us online.