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Workshop & Industry

Get everything you need for workshop and industry


In our workshop and industry section, you will find solutions suitable for a wide range of different industrial workplaces. Our selection of workbenches, factory chairs, tool cabinets and industrial matting provides options to make your work safer and more efficient.


Workbenches that provide a robust work surface


At AJ Products, we have workbenches for every type of activity. Our Cargo packing tables are ideal for despatch and light assembly tasks. Combo offers great value, multi-purpose workstations that suit most needs while our Solid 500 or 750 benches provide a high capacity and a choice of heavy-duty work surfaces including laminate, steel and oak parquet. Choose from a wide range of optional extras to create the ideal workbench for your requirements. You can add a lower shelf, drawers, rear shelf assembly, tool panels, small parts storage and more to customise your workstation, or choose from one of our package deals for a quick and easy way to buy.


Workshop cabinet for secure and efficient storage


In order to make your work more efficient, it is important to have well-organised storage. A small parts cabinet is ideal for components, tools and packing materials. It comes complete with parts boxes to keep the contents visible and easily accessible. For expensive tools and equipment, it is essential to have a lockable tool cabinet to restrict access to authorised personnel and reduce the risk of theft. Some tool cabinets also come with built-in tool panels so you can hang up smaller items for quick access but still lock them away at the end of the day.


Combine convenient storage and a mobile workspace with a workshop trolley


One of the most useful pieces of equipment in a workshop is a service trolley that provides convenient access to the equipment you need on hand and doubles up as a workbench for assembly tasks. Depending on your needs, this may be an open shelf trolley or a mobile workbench with drawers and cabinets. A lockable tool trolley offers the same benefits as a tool cabinet but can be moved to where you need it so that you have everything you need within easy reach. This type of maintenance trolley is ideal if you often work on different areas of the site, allowing you to take everything with you and providing you with a temporary workstation.


Industrial matting to prevent workplace injuries


Industrial mats serve a range of purposes to improve the safety and ergonomics in your workplace. Non-slip mats prevent slips, trips and falls by providing grip underfoot; this is particularly important in wet or greasy environments. Anti-fatigue mats give comfort and relief when working standing up on assembly lines, at packing stations and at machines. This type of flooring helps reduce back and joint pain when standing for long periods, especially on hard concrete floors. Electrical insulation mats are designed for use in front of switchboards and high voltage equipment to protect against electric shocks. The right type of matting can make a big difference to the safety of your employees.


Industrial seating for a comfortable working position


Depending on the type of tasks carried out, it may be important to provide chairs for factory workers to prevent long hours of standing and give a more ergonomic working posture. The right draughtsman chair can make a significant difference to the way you work by providing support and taking the pressure off your back and joints. A good factory chair will offer adjustment of the seat and backrest angle so that you can open the angle of your hips for better circulation and keep the seat in contact with your back while you work. A workshop stool on wheels is a smart alternative when working in uncomfortable positions that would usually involve squatting or kneeling. It allows you to get low enough to work while encouraging a more ergonomic seating position that protects your back, knees and ankles.


Prevent dust harming your PC with a computer storage cabinet


Industrial workspaces are often dusty and dirty, so it is important to take the appropriate steps to prevent any debris from getting inside your electronic equipment. An IT cabinet offers a lockable and ventilated secure storage solution for all your computer equipment, including the CPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Not only does this prevent dust ingress but it also protects the equipment from accidental damage. Choose a computer workstation that suits your workplace: some options have extra storage space in the cabinet, others have an open worktop that allows clearer access to the screen if damage to the monitor is assessed as low risk. At AJ Products we also have a huge range of materials handling and lifting equipment, including lift tables, transport dollies, sack trucks and platform trolleys. You will find specifications and product information for our bestselling solutions online but if you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us and we will do our best to source it for you.