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Pallet Racking

For any company to meet the demand of its consumers, it is important for it to have adequate storage space to operate efficiently. The ideal storage system should be safe, simple and highly efficient. Hence, at AJ Products we provide a wide range of rack shelving systems such as adjustable pallet racking and cantilever racking. These are made of steel and are suitable for creating effective logistics and goods handling according to your requirements. Our racking systems are designed in a way to make optimum use of vertical space. We provide these racking units in multiple sizes and with a different number of pallet spaces. Read the following points to learn more about the various benefits of pallet racking units for your warehouse.

Space saving

One of the basic advantages of our racking units is that they can increase the space in your warehouse with minimal expenditure. With this system, you will be able to store a lot more goods by using very little floor space. You can also easily extend these shelving units to suit your requirements by purchasing add-on units to join onto the basic ones.

Solid construction and improved efficiency

As our racking systems are made of high-grade steel, they are robust and durable. Hence, you can use these systems for a long period of time, with minimal maintenance. With our pallet racks, your employees will be able to locate and configure the merchandise without any hassle. This helps to save time and work efficiently.

Safety and variety

Another advantage of our pallet racking systems is that they can ensure maximum safety for your staff in the warehouse. As they comply with EN 15512 for structural design, they serve as a sturdy storage solution. We provide these storage units in kits of various configurations. Hence, you can browse through our different products and quickly find the ones that suit your storage requirements. Hence, our pallet racking systems can prove to be heavy duty solutions for your warehouse. If you need any help to find suitable ones for your workplace or any more details, contact us. We offer a free site visitation and planning service if required.