How do I choose the right shelving?

How do I choose the right shelving?

We have a wide range of shelving systems that serve many different purposes, but which shelving unit should you choose for your workplace? Our flexible shelving systems solve any storage needs regardless of whether you need storage for a small office or large warehouse. Our simple guide will make it easy for you to choose the right option.
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What weight does your shelving unit need to handle?

Light loads
Before selecting a shelving system, make sure that it can support the items that will be stored on it without collapsing. For lighter items like books, binders, and archive boxes, a shelving unit with a 150 kg maximum load per shelf should be sufficient. Simple sheet metal shelving units are adaptable and function very well in both offices and warehouses. We recommend our LIGHT, TOTAL and MIX ranges.

Medium loads
If the storage shelving system is intended for slightly heavier items, a load capacity of 170-190 kg per shelf option is a strong choice. These shelves are designed for warehouse environments but can also work in offices where slightly heavier things need to be stored. In this weight class our POWER and TRANSFORM ranges are the best options.

Heavy loads
Storage shelving for tougher environments, such as workshops and warehouses may need to withstand loads up to 700 kg per shelf. For extra stability when storing heavy goods, we suggest choosing shelving that can be bolted into the floor to ensure workplace safety. We recommend COMBO for this purpose.
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TIPS! TOUGH can withstand up to 1000 kg

For really heavy goods, we recommend the TOUGH shelving system, where the maximum load is up to 1000 kg, depending on which size you choose.
  • End frames and support beams are made of powder-coated sheet steel for an extra hard and durable finish.
  • Ideal for bulky goods in demanding environments.
  • Easily extended as required.
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Where should the shelving unit be placed?

Should the shelving unit be freestanding or installed against a wall?
If you need to access the shelves from two sides, you should choose a stable construction that does not require a rear brace. Back panels can be used to separate shelving that is placed back-to-back or to prevent items being visible from the other side.

What space do you have available?
Select your shelving system to make the best use of the available space. Most shelving systems have a large selection of heights, widths and depths. With planning, it is possible to make full use of all the shelves. Is it suitable to have high shelves to make the best use of vertical space or will you need to be able to reach the top shelf without a stool, ladder or picking trolley?

Do the shelves need to be moved often?
If you need flexibility, it might be a good idea to check the assembly instructions before buying. If you choose a shelving unit with pre-assembled ends where the only thing you need to do is hook the shelves on at any height, it will be quick and easy to reconfigure the shelving system if your needs change.

Shelving designed for a safe working environment

With our flexible shelving systems, there are solutions for most storage needs. By fitting warehouse shelves tailored for the right load and area of ​​use, the work environment will become both safer and easier to work in. When goods are well organised, both picking and packing go faster which in turn increases the efficiency of the warehouse.

You can maximise storage capacity with the right type of shelving and effective planning. Then think about logistics flows and ergonomics to further optimise productivity. A warehouse needs to be functional and easy to manage, to enable a safe and efficient working environment.

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What are you storing?

Small parts
If there are smaller items to be stored, picking bin trays is a smart solution. They provide a good overview of the range. By choosing bins that are the right size for the shelving system, your storage will be compact and efficient. Picking containers are available in a range of sizes to suit both small parts and slightly larger items.

Concealed storage
Shelving systems with back and end panels offer partially hidden storage and separate each shelving sections from the next. You can fit pull-out drawers and doors to ensure goods are fully concealed. Choose a door with a lock to protect sensitive or valuable goods.

Tailored storage solutions
Some items need specially designed storage solutions. This includes tyre racks, pallet racks and chemical storage shelving. Fråga gärna en säljare om råd ifall du är osäker på vilken typ av hylla som passar bäst för dina ändamål.

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TIPS! Flexible storage system

The COMBO shelving system allows you to build your own shelving combination. Add back rails, tool panels and even a workbench to get a smart workstation tailored to your needs.

  •    Ideal as storage shelving for workshops and industrial premises.
  •    Assembled without botls and screws.
  •    Possible to customise a number of smart accesories.
  •    Shelves can handle up to 700 kg each.

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Ask us about storage shelving!

If you need help planning your warehouse or want to know which shelving system is most suitable for your workplace, please contact us. We are happy to help you!


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