ULTIMATE: a world-class pallet racking system

Following the successful launch of ULTIMATE pallet racking, AJ Products has now developed our range further with the introduction of ULTIMATE MOBILE, ULTIMATE PUSHBACK and ULTIMATE SHUTTLE.

ULTIMATE pallet racking is one of Europe’s most modern pallet racking systems and offers many benefits for businesses of all sizes. The pallet racking is certified according to European standard EN 15512 and is a result of AJ Products’ own design and production.


Ultimate Mobile is a highly efficient mobile racking system that increases storage capacity by over 200%. The system can store both Euro & CHEP pallets while maximising the available storage height of the warehouse.

Improved volume utilisation: Compact mobile bases combined with the unique, space-saving design provide a solution that maximises volume utilisation.

Easy to manoeuvre: An easy-to-use touchscreen on the control panel enables operatives to move the mobile racking bases easily and safely.

Ultimate safety: Smart solutions make daily use exceptionally safe and efficient. The system checks that the aisle is empty before the base starts moving. Light sensor beams on the front and sides of each mobile base detect any potential obstacles or people in its path, immediately stopping the system to avoid collision.


Ultimate Pushback has been developed to optimise volume utilisation in any warehouse by allowing storage of pallets up to six deep on a Last In First Out (LIFO) system. Pallets are placed on a trolley inside the storage lane; the design automatically sends pallets from the rear to the front when the pallet closest to the aisle is removed.

Quick and easy pallet access: The front beam features a specially designed cut-out to make loading and unloading as simple and time efficient as possible. The front beam provides convenient access to the pallet and maximises the handling space above the pallet. Ultimate Pushback can handle both EUR and CHEP pallets and allows pallets to be stored with the short or long side facing forwards.

Optimised use of space: Ultimate Pushback racking minimises the number of aisles necessary by making up to six pallets accessible from a single aisle. Thanks to compact trolleys and rails, it is no wider than a conventional pallet rack system. To further economise the use of space, we have also made our pushback system available with double units.

Robust trolley design: All Ultimate Pushback’s trolleys have a robust construction with durable powder coating. The trolleys remain completely horizontal and roll on the same rail. The design of the trolleys has also been adapted to allow use of Ultimate Pushback with half-pallets and poor-quality pallets.


Ultimate Shuttle is the result of cutting-edge shuttle racking design and technology, designed with a focus on volume utilisation, safety and efficiency. It is built for the future and prepared for integration with WMS systems and Industry 4.0. The machine is manufactured in Sweden and assembled in our own premises, offering the highest quality and reliability.

High volume utilisation: The rails and beams are specifically designed to maximise volume utilisation in the warehouse. For you as a customer, this means that you can store more pallets in any given space, increasing the available capacity of the warehouse or reducing the cost of the building dramatically.

Fastest on the market: With a top speed of 2.4 m/s, Ultimate Shuttle is revolutionary. The system is optimised for low cycle times and effortlessly increases productivity.

The latest technology for safe operation: – Ultimate Shuttle uses next generation sensor and safety technology. The adaptive control system adjusts to every situation and does not depend on fixed reference points. Of course, Ultimate Shuttle is CE marked according to EN 60204-1 and 13489-1 with PL d. All components are of the highest quality.



Contact AJ Products today to find out how our experts can help you with a full solution for your warehouse to provide you with better logistics and increased profitability.

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