Choose the Right Workbench for Your Workshop

Upgrading Your Workshop: Choosing the Right Workbench

Is your current workbench limiting your projects and negatively impacting your efficiency? Upgrade to a workspace that empowers you! This guide walks through the essential factors to consider when choosing the perfect workbench, tailored to your specific needs.

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What weight must the workbench withstand?

Before you buy a workbench, think carefully about your needs. It's always easier to find a model that lives up to your expectations and requirements.

Sufficient load capacity and a robust and durable stand are fundamental. If you work with lighter objects, you can get by with a workbench with a lower maximum load. If you handle heavy goods, a more substantial workbench with an extra thick worktop is required. Our most durable models can handle a maximum load of 750 kg evenly distributed.

There are several other factors to consider, such as stand type and worktop material. Also think about what needs may arise in the future and take them into account so that you don't have to change the workshop bench after a few years.
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How much flexibility is needed?

Fixed or adjustable legs?
Fixed height legs are good if there is no need to adjust the working height according to different users or jobs.

However, a workbench that can be raised and lowered provides greater flexibility and better conditions for an ergonomic working position. An electrically height adjustable workbench is very convenient but also manually adjustable legs can go a long way. We have several models where the height is adjusted with a built-in crank function.

Stationary or mobile solution?
In most cases, a stationary workbench fits well. But sometimes it is better to choose a mobile bench on wheels that is easy to move, for example to free up space. Many mobile worbenches are equipped with handles that make it easier to move them.

TIP! A workbench with wheels

With our MOTION mobile workstation you can move your workspace without any hassle. Easily adjust the height for an ergonomic working position.
  • Can be raised and lowered with a crank
  • Durable worktop
  • Two wheels can be locked

Select worktop as required

Make sure to choose a worktop that suits your purposes. Here are some common finishes:

Hardened board – an affordable all-round material for lighter workshop environments.

Laminate– provides a smooth, hard and scratch-resistant surface suitable for most environments. Good resistance to liquids and most chemicals.

Vinyl – soft and less slippery surface that reduces the risk of damage to the surface. Particularly suitable for packing and assembly work as the softer surface prevents objects from sliding around.

Oak Parquet – a stronger and more durable wooden board with a wide range of uses, for example metalworking and assembly work.

Steel – very durable material that will withstand liquids, oils and chemicals and is easy to clean. High resistance to scratches and impacts.
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Combine with storage

A workbench can be more than just a work surface. It can also offer smart storage for tools, packing materials or anything else you want within easy reach while you work. One tip is to choose a bench that can be supplemented with different storage solutions. It can be, for example, drawer units that are mounted under the work surface, tool boards or shelves.

If you have a lot of material that needs to be stored, it may be a good idea to place some practical shelves next to the workbench. In our COMBO series, there are both workbenches and storage shelves that can be easily combined.

TIP! Bench with storage

For those who prefer a package solution, our  COMBO workbench is available with various add-ons -
  • Lockable cabinet
  • Tool panels
  • Upper shelf with lighting and lower shelf
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Do you want tips on what to choose for a workbench? We list some of our favorites!

  1. Our robust and self-made COMBO workbench is available in several different models with different tops. Build your own combination or buy a ready-made package solution.
  2. VERVE is an affordable workbench and is available in several different and ready-made packages with practical accessories. All of them are electrically height-adjustable so you can work ergonomically.
  3. SOLID is our most classic workbench and also the most durable with a strong steel frame that is suitable for demanding environments. Several of the tables in the series have a maximum load of 750 kg.
  4. The MOTION workbench is a bestseller that can be fully adapted to your needs. MOTION is available with a manual or electrically height-adjustable frame, but also in models with fixed legs or wheeled legs.

Ask us!

If you need more information about our products, you are always welcome to contact us – we are happy to help you!



Different types of tasks require different working heights. A rule of thumb is that the table should be so that the forearm can lie parallel to the table surface, regardless of whether you are standing or sitting down, during active work. For fine motor or precision work, the table height may be slightly higher, while heavier work, the table height may be a little lower.
The depth of a workbench should be adapted to the size of what you are working with. In our range, we have workbenches with minimum depths of 600 mm and up to 800 mm, depending on the model.
The worktop should be adapted to the work as some materials are more suitable than others for different types of jobs. For example, a steel board can withstand impacts, sparks and welding sparks, while a parquet board has a high resistance to heavier objects.
A stainless steel workbench, such as a PROOF workbench, is easy to clean and suitable for environments with high demands on cleanliness.
In our range, you will find several different models of workbenches on wheels that can streamline your work when you are not working in a fixed location.

Find the workbench that suits you

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