How to Choose the Workbench that is right for you!

How to Choose the Workbench that is right for you!

Workbenches can be an expensive purchase - but a vital one. Therefore it is important to make sure that you understand what your requirements are and the options that are available to you so that you purchase the ideal workbench for your business. Our guide will help you to do just that!

Before purchasing a workbench, you must first fully and carefully consider your needs. This will make it much easier to find a model that meets your expectations and requirements. Sufficient load capacity and worktop durability are just two considerations, but there are several others such as the frame type and mobility. Also think about needs that may arise in the future.

Static or height adjustable?

A workbench with a fixed height is a suitable option if there will be no need to adjust the working height to the requirements of different users. However, a height adjustable workbench gives greater flexibility and makes it easier for all users to achieve a more ergonomic working position. AJ Products offers electrically or manually adjustable workbenches.

Stationary or mobile?

In most cases, there is no need for the workbench to be repositioned. But sometimes it's better to choose a workbench on wheels, for example if you have limited space available. Many mobile workbenches feature handles that make them much easier to move around.

Combine the workbench with storage

A workbench can be more than just a work surface. It can also provide smart storage for tools, packing materials or anything else you want within easy reach whilst you work. A great tip is to choose a bench that can be supplemented with different storage solutions.

Choose a suitable worktop material

• Hardened board - an affordable all-round material for lighter workshop environments.

• Laminate - provides a smooth, hard and scratch-resistant surface that fits most environments. Good resistance to liquids and most chemicals.

• Vinyl – a soft and less smooth surface that reduces the risk of damage to the project you are working on. Particularly suitable for packing and assembly work because the soft surface prevents objects from slipping.

• Oak Parquet - a stronger and more durable solid wooden top with a wide range of applications, such as metal machining and assembly work.

• Steel - Very durable material that can withstand fluids, oils and chemicals and is easy to clean. High resistance to scratches.

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