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Warehouse Shelving and Storage Soultion

Storage solutions for large industrial warehouses, stockrooms, garages and workshops as well as access equipment and warehouse identification.


As well as regular shelving systems, warehouses may also require racking systems to store long and heavy items. Hence, at AJ Products, we provide a wide range of rack shelving such as cantilever and pallet racking. Our cantilever racking is an ideal choice for saving warehouse space. We provide this racking system in two types: light-duty and heavy-duty cantilever racking.

For any company to meet the demand of its consumers, it is important for it to have adequate storage space to operate efficiently. The ideal storage system should be safe, simple and highly efficient. Hence, at AJ Products we provide a wide range of rack shelving systems such as adjustable pallet racking and cantilever racking. These are made of steel and are suitable for creating effective logistics and goods handling according to your requirements. Our racking systems are designed in a way to make optimum use of vertical space. We provide these racking units in multiple sizes and with a different number of pallet spaces.