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Project design


Warehouse shelving and storage solutions for businesses of all sizes


For any company to operate efficiently and meet the demand of its customers, it is important for it to have an adequate warehouse storage solution. The ideal storage system should be safe, simple and highly efficient. Hence, at AJ Products we provide a wide range of warehouse racking systems, such as adjustable pallet racking and cantilever racking, to create effective logistics and goods handling according to your requirements. Our extensive range of warehouse shelving is designed in a way that makes optimum use of vertical space and offers storage options for businesses of all sizes, from small stockrooms to busy large-capacity warehouses.


Pallet racking to keep up with the needs of your business


Our world-class Ultimate pallet racking system offers space-saving warehouse pallet racks, cable reel racking and cutting-edge pushback, mobile or shuttle racking systems. Ultimate is a result of AJ Products' own design and production, fulfilling all industry safety requirements and standards. You will find some of our bestselling racking kits online but recommend you contact us for full information and advice on the options available. Our expert project management team will provide you a competitive quote, design suggestions to maximise your storage capacity and a 3D planning service.


Warehouse shelving for light- or heavy-duty storage


Whether you are looking for a fairly light storage solution for a stockroom or a high-capacity storage system for non-palletised goods in a busy depot, you can find an option that will suit your business on our website. The Tough widespan shelving range can hold up to 1000 kg per shelf level and is ideal for accommodating heavy and bulky goods in demanding environments. Combo shelving comes in a variety of sizes and has a boltless steel construction with 16 mm thick chipboard shelves that hold loads up to 700 kg. For light-duty use, Light or Power shelving offers a cost-effective option.


Store long goods efficiently with vertical and cantilever racking


As well as pallet racks, storage depots may also require warehouse racking to store long and heavy items. That’s why, at AJ Products, we provide vertical and cantilever racking. This type of racking is an ideal choice for saving warehouse space. Cantilever racking offers easily-accessible and well-organised horizontal storage for long goods. It is designed to take long, heavyweight goods such as steel profiles and pipes. Vertical racking allows you to store long materials in an upright position and is best suited for lighter goods. This type of industrial shelving facilitates safe and rapid handling of your goods.


Small parts shelving and cabinets for parts storage


Small parts storage is needed for a wide range of goods, including components, packing materials, tools, and fixings such as screws, nails and bolts. This type of storage shelving ensures that each item has an allocated place, so you waste no time searching for what you need. Small plastic compartment boxes are available individually or in package deals complete with a shelving unit or cabinet.


Tyre racks for garages


Any garage, car dealership or autoshop needs an efficient solution for storing tyres. AJ’s tyre racks are manufactured in galvanised sheet steel to provide high durability and a long life. For large businesses we offer a compact tyre rack system that allows for 18 m² of shelving in just 12.5 m² of floor space, providing a space saving of approximately 32%.


Ladders and access equipment for safe work at height


Mobile safety steps help you access any goods or materials kept at height on warehouse storage racks safely and conveniently. They have guard rails, non-slip treads and wheels designed to anchor securely when someone climbs the ladder. The right warehouse steps make picking more efficient while reducing the risks of falls at work. At AJ Products we also have a huge range of materials handling and lifting equipment for all your warehouse needs, including pallet trucks, lift tables, cage trolleys, sack trucks and platform trolleys. We will help you create an effective logistics solution from start to finish. You will find specifications and product information for our bestselling solutions online but if you can’t find what you’re looking for contact us and we will do our best to source it for you. For large projects, get in touch with our customer service team for planning services and quotes.