How to choose the right shelving

What type of storage shelving is right for your business? AJ Products are storage specialists and have a wide range of shelving to suit almost any purpose. To make it easier for you to choose the right one, we have created a short guide based on what load your storage system will need to handle and where it will be used. It’s these basics that will help you make the right decision.

Shelving for lightweight storage

Office and everyday storage

Light and Total are flexible and durable shelving systems that are ideally suited for storing materials such as books, files and archive boxes. The shelves are easy to assemble and reconfigure. The stylish design makes it possible to place them in the office together with storage boxes and some nice interior details, such as green plants, to give a modern industrial feeling. Each shelf can carry a load of 150 kg. Light is also available in a 70 kg capacity version for lighter duty storage.

Mix your storage

Also with a 150 kg capacity per shelf, is the Mix shelving system. What sets Mix apart from the others is that you have the option of open or enclosed storage - or even a mix of both. You can combine the shelves with doors, drawers and other smart accessories. The shelves are easy to fit at any height without tools. Mix is available in four heights and four widths, which provides a flexible solution to your storage needs. It is simple to adapt, reconfigure and extend at any time.

A system for the office or warehouse

If you are looking for extra sturdy storage shelving, we recommend Power: the name says it all. This shelving is well suited for storage environments, but also works in an office that needs to store slightly heavier items. This system requires simple assembly with bolts and screws to give it more stability. Thanks to this construction, this system has a higher weight capacity of 170 kg per shelf.

For rougher environments

Galvanised to suit any application

Next up is Transform, so named because it is easy to transform and extend to suit the needs of your business. It can handle weights of up to 190 kg per shelf. With its galvanised design, this shelving suits harsh workshop environments as well as shop stockrooms and office archives. The end panels are supplied pre-assembled so the only thing you need to do is to hook the shelves onto the frame at any height.

Combine shelving and workbenches

As the name suggests, Combo is an adaptable shelving system that allows you to build your own configuration and add extra units or shelves easily as needed. A range of matching workbenches can be joined onto the shelving system to give you a smart workstation with both storage space and a work area. Combo is suitable for storage in more demanding work environments such as workshops, garages and builders’ merchants. It is simple to assemble without bolts and screws using just a rubber mallet. This longspan shelving is stable without the need for side or rear bracing, making it possible to access the shelves from any side. Depending on the configuration you choose, each shelf can handle loads of up to 700 kg.

The toughest of them all

Finally, the toughest of our shelving options. This is an extremely robust, widespan shelving system that can handle heavy and bulky goods, including long materials and non-palletised goods in warehouses. The powder-coated steel construction with a choice of steel or particleboard shelves withstands demanding environments. It comes with a stabilising foot for bolting to the floor to improve workplace safety. Depending on the configuration you choose, it is possible to load up to 1000 kg per shelf - no wonder we call it Tough!

We also supply pallet racking, cantilever racking and other storage solutions, such as storage cabinets and plastic storage boxes, to suit any requirements.

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