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Valuables storage

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Valuables Storage Cabinets for Increased Security


Storage is vital for any workplace. Clean orderly rooms help employees focus more and achieve better results at work. Therefore, every employer should ensure adequate storage equipment to store items necessary for everyday work effectively. In response to these requirements, AJ Products helps organise safe storage in an office environment by offering filing cabinets, burglary safes, key cabinets and fireproof cabinets that will help you work more efficiently without worrying about losing your valuables. We invite you to familiarise yourself with the products available to improve the level of safety and productivity in your workplace.


Key cabinets


Every company has keys that are at risk of getting lost. At AJ Products, we offer functional key cabinets. This solution is useful for every office, factory and workshop. These cabinets are extremely beneficial as they help in storing all the keys in one place and reduce the risk of losing them. The investment in metal key cabinets will help avoid clutter and ensure better organisation. Our cabinets can store different types of keys so that you can keep keys for rooms, lockers and safes in one place; we even have cabinets that will accommodate car keys for businesses offering a valet service or bunches of keys for property management companies. To find out more about key cabinets, click on the product images.


Burglary and security safes


Safes are an extremely practical and vital solution for storing confidential documents as well as valuables. Our safes are equipped with anti-theft features such as electronic code locks, which protect all your valuables. Burglary safes are essential in many different places from shops and hotel rooms to offices and industrial workplaces with valuable tools and equipment. Visit the pages of individual products to find out more.


Fire protection cabinets


Losing important documents and files due to a fire breakout can prove to be an expensive mistake for companies. Some data cannot be reproduced, which exposes companies to consequences in the form of contractual penalties, negative inspection results, etc. No business would want to be in such an uncomfortable situation. In order to prevent the consequences of unforeseen events, such as loss of data due to fire, it is worthwhile investing in special cabinets with fire protection properties. These cabinets will ensure secure storage of important documents, data media, electronic equipment and other valuable items. Some fire protection cabinets keep the contents intact for up to two hours of fire exposure! At AJ Products, we offer large and small fireproof cabinets as well as filing cabinets. Browse through our offering and choose a model suitable for the size of the room and the type of content you want to store. At AJ Products, we offer an extremely wide range of storage furniture. In addition to this, you will also find an assortment of furniture that will help make the office more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Contact our sales team for further assistance.