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Safes & money boxes for safe storage

Every workplace needs secure cabinets, where valuables can be stored safely. In offices or archives, secure handling of sensitive material and important documents may be required. With money boxes and safes from AJ Products, you get just that, safe storage cabinets in a variety of models. We have cabinets in all price ranges, some of which are fire rated and can even be used for safe housing of switchgear. Choose a secure cabinet from AJ Products for secure storage. A selection of money boxes from our range.

Sturdy money boxes

Our small safes are perfect for storing laptops, passports and personal valuables. These compact safes in a grey-coloured design blend naturally into most work environments and take up little space. Choose between key lock, electronic code lock or fingerprint lock. The latter can be programmed for up to 20 different users. A very effective lock for multiple employees in the workplace who need access to the safe. These safes have a piston lock with a mechanical back-up lock, and are supplied prepared to be mounted on a wall or in the floor, as an extra security measure.

Fireproof and break-in proof safes

Secure storage is just as important in offices and archives as in small shops and companies handling easily stolen valuables. AJ Products' fire and break-in proof safes provide that security. Choose a fireproof safe with two or three shelves, depending on the amount of valuables and documents that need to be locked away daily. Approved according to several classifications, depending on storage requirement and duration of 1000-degree heat. Fire rating 60P means that valuables and important documents are protected from fire for 60 minutes. With anti-theft lockers from AJ Products, you are one step ahead of the thieves.