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AJ Products Workplace Health Survey 2019: The Results

AJ Products Workplace Health Survey 2019: The Results

A new study by AJ Products in conjunction with FMJ has revealed that over 40% of people think that their current work environment has a negative impact on their physical and emotional wellbeing as well as their productivity.


As part of our work to better understand the impact the workplace can have on employee wellbeing, the AJ Products Workplace Health Survey 2019 set out to discover whether UK workplaces are optimised to encourage physical activity among employees. The survey examined the impact of the work environment on employee health and wellbeing as well as the health initiatives that workers would most like to see implemented.


Confirming previous findings in studies by a range of organisations, the Workplace Health Survey 2019 found that almost two thirds (62%) of respondents sit for at least six hours a day while at work.


Just 11% of respondents said their workplace provided sit-stand desks to employees as standard even though 89% said they thought they would use or would like to try a sit-stand desk. In fact, 38% of people said that sit-stand desks were the health initiative they would most like their company to implement, ahead of organised fitness classes or activities on site (21%), healthy eating options on site (20%), standing meetings (6%), active seating (6%), anti-fatigue matting (6%) or a Cycle to Work scheme (2%).


Eighty per cent of people would like to see the UK follow the example set by Denmark in 2015 and make it compulsory for businesses to offer sit-stand desks to all of their employees.


Although 82% of people believe that the organisation they work for cares about their health and wellbeing, over 60% said they would consider changing jobs for a healthier and more active work environment. Furthermore, despite believing that their employer cares about their health, 44% think that their current work environment has a negative impact on their physical wellbeing, 46% think that it has a negative impact on their emotional wellbeing and 48% think that their workplace has a negative impact on their productivity.


When it comes to improvements that could be made to the physical workspace in order to boost productivity, 35% of people think that active office furniture would be most likely to improve their productivity at work, ahead of access to quiet work areas (25%), better acoustics (18%), more social spaces (15%) or better lighting (7%).


AJ Products focuses on ways to solve the problem of a sedentary workday. As a member of ukactive, an independent not-for-profit organisation that aims to promote active lifestyles, AJ Products is committed to making workplaces healthier and more active through an innovative and ever-growing range of sit-stand furniture and by raising public awareness of the health risks of prolonged sitting.

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