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5 tips to help you set up a home gym

Article Setting up a gym at home is a great way to help you stay fit. Here are some easy tips on how set up a basic home gym to suit any fitness level.

How to protect your mental health while working from home

Article These simple tips will help you stay calm, focused and connected while working from home in order to protect your mental wellbeing.

10 ways to feel good at work while working from home

Article Working remotely for the first time? We have some simple tips to help you keep your spirits up and stay productive while working from home.

How to keep fit when working from home

Article Home working leaves even fewer opportunities for exercise than being in the office. Here are some simple ways to stay active while working from home.

The perfect ergonomic workspace – right in front of you!

Article Our guide will help you set up your desk to allow for an ergonomic working position that reduces strain and promotes better wellbeing at work.

Cure fatigue with the right lighting

Article Poor lighting at work can lead to eye strain, headaches and even neck pain. These five tips will help you get the best light in your office.

How to improve privacy and reduce noise in the office

Article High noise levels harm productivity and wellbeing at work. We look at the type of noise barriers that can help improve your office acoustics.

The easy way to vary your posture

Article Find out how your office furniture can support a healthier lifestyle by encouraging you to change your position throughout the day.

Optimise your work with sustainable lifting

Article Incorrect manual handling accounts for a lot of sick days. It is important to be aware of how you are lifting and get the right support at work.

Make room for conversation at work

Article Why are breakout areas important in the workplace? Find out how to set up a relaxing collaborative space that strengthens work relations.
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