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Project design

How screens can help create a safe yet productive workspace

Article Desk and floor screens make it easy to separate work areas in Covid-secure offices, but did you know they also help with privacy and noise reduction?

Is your warehouse ready for all employees to return to work?

Article As restrictions ease, we look at what measures businesses can put into place to ensure that warehouse workers can return to work safely and efficiently.

What does a safe return to the office look like?

Article As lockdown restrictions start to ease, we consider what changes need to be made to the physical working environment before staff return to work.

How to use screens to keep your distance

Article Here are some tips on how to support social distancing and improve safety for yourself and others with the help of standard floor and desk screens.

Could returning to the COVID-secure workplace create other hazards?

Article In this guest blog, we look at how to prevent social distancing guidelines from impacting existing health and safety practices in the workplace.

Will social distancing in the office harm productivity?

Article We take a closer look at what effect social distancing policies in the workplace might have on productivity and employee morale.

How to improve hygiene in the workplace

Article As businesses return to work, we look at changes that can support social distancing by improving general hygiene in the workplace.

How will social distancing change the way we work?

Article What will social distancing mean for the modern office? Will workplaces ever return to the way they were? We look at the long-term effects on the workplace.

How can we social distance in the workplace?

Article As businesses prepare to return to work, we take a look at some changes that can be made to the office layout to keep employees safe.

How can warehouses and retail shops enforce social distancing?

Article We look at what measures businesses can put into place to ensure that employees are able to keep to social distancing guidelines.
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