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Project design

Why children need to be more active at school

Article Young people need more movement in their everyday lives. We look at the ways in which the classroom can support wider physical activity.

How an active classroom can help combat childhood obesity

Article Around 1 in 3 children of primary school leaving age are over a healthy weight. We look at how an active learning classroom can address that issue.

How to protect children from environmental toxins at school

Article Children are constantly exposed to harmful chemicals and toxins. Minimise chemical exposure in schools and preschools with these 10 simple tips.

How to choose the right school lockers

Article Every school needs secure storage for students to keep their belongings safe. What key features should you look out for when choosing school lockers?

The active classroom: where the classroom supports the teaching

Article Find out how an innovative Swedish school has used high-intensity exercise sessions and active classrooms to boost academic results.

How to improve concentration in the classroom with acoustic furniture

Article Unwanted noise in the classroom has a negative impact on concentration. Learn how smart acoustic furnittue can create a better learning environment.

How breakout spaces in schools can improve learning

Article Collaborative breakout spaces in schools promote independent learning outside of the classroom, giving students an informal space to work and meet.

Encouraging creativity and active learning in schools

Article AJ Products created Active Learning Classrooms and collaborative breakout spaces to promote creativity and productivity in this innovative academy school.

Why whiteboards are still the best choice for your classroom

Article In a digital world, do whiteboards have a place in schools? Yes! They're cheap, versatile and reliable. Learn how to make the best of your whiteboard.

What difference do acoustic panels make in the classroom?

Article Independent research shows that acoustic panels benefit schools by helping students settle quicker and improving concentration. Read more about the study.
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