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Project design

Could your meetings be more effective?

Article Meetings are a big part of the workday, but it is estimated that 2/3 of meetings are unproductive. How can you improve meetings in your business?

Why banning mobile phones makes for more productive meetings

Article Mobile-free meetings improve productivity by reducing the number of distractions. Find out how to implement a no-phones policy in your office.

How standing can make your meetings more productive

Article Did you know that stand-up meetings are shorter and more focused than sit-down meetings with a better rate of employee engagement?

10 ways to hold more productive meetings

Article Ineffective meetings are estimated to cost UK businesses £191bn a year. Find out how to keep your meetings focused, productive and on schedule.

How to design the perfect conference room

Article Learn how the right conference room furniture, integrated technology and good acoustics can create a functional and productive meeting space.

Take your meetings to new heights!

Article We have just launched an exciting new product range that will revolutionise the way you hold meetings and conferences.

Why you should hold standing meetings

Article Standing meetings are a great way to hold short, focused and productive meetings. Find out why you should hold more stand-up meetings and how to get started.

How to Keep Your Meeting Productive

Article What should you do to prevent meetings becoming a waste of time that staff hate attending? Learn how the right planning can get your meetings back on track.

The Four F’s of Choosing the Right Conference Furniture

Article Formation. Functionality. Fit. Fashion. Remember the four F's and you'll get the perfect conference room for your business. Learn what to look out for here.

How to Create Different Layouts with Conference Room Furniture

Article We look at the most popular meeting room layouts so you can make the most of your space, choose the best conference room furniture and hold effective meetings!
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