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Summer Sale Project design

Office furniture trends for 2020

Article Collaborative spaces, homely touches and quiet zones...we take a look at the office furniture design trends expected to be popular in the year ahead.

What your office furniture says about your business

Article Learn how smart choices and innovative ideas will create an office to impress clients and foster wellbeing among staff, whatever your budget.

10 easy ways to improve acoustics in the office

Article Bad acoustics are one of the most common problems in the workplace. Here are 10 simple and cost-effective tips to improve acoustics in your office.

How to prevent your open office from harming productivity

Article Poorly designed open offices can increase stress and reduce productivity but by addressing some common pitfalls you can create an effective workspace.

How to create a collaborative workspace to improve teamwork

Article Collaborative workspaces improve employee satisfaction by allowing colleagues to work together more easily. What makes a good collaborative space?

Seven smarter ways to furnish your office

Article Our project sales team share their tips on how to create an efficient and pleasant office space where your employees will thrive.

8 Cheap Design Tricks for a Trendy Modern Office

Article How do you revamp your office when you’re on a tight budget? We have some cheap design tips to turn your office into a cool modern workplace.

Activity-based working: a concept worth trying

Article Find out what happened when AJ Products invited communications agency Treativ to our new creative workspace to try out activity-based working.

Biophilic design: can nature improve the modern office?

Article One of the big office trends for 2019, biophilic design brings natural elements into the workplace in order to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.

Ten tips: How to brighten up your office this winter

Article Did you know that the right lighting will improve wellbeing and productivity? Our tips can help reduce eye strain, headaches and stress in the office.
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