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Summer Sale Project design

How to choose the right pallet truck

Article We look at some of the most important features to consider to ensure you purchase the best pallet truck for your handling needs.

How to choose the right school lockers

Article Every school needs secure storage for students to keep their belongings safe. What key features should you look out for when choosing school lockers?

5 reasons to buy mesh office chairs

Article Getting the right office chair can have a huge impact on your health. What benefits do mesh chairs offer that other office chairs don’t?

How to choose the right safe for your business

Article Our guide will help you find the right safe to protect important documents and valuables from theft or fire and comply with insurance requirements.

What is active seating?

Article Active sitting keeps your body moving while you sit. It improves posture, reduces stress on the body and strengthens back and core muscles. Learn more!

How to choose the right office chair

Article Getting the right office chair will have a huge impact on your health. Learn what features to look for to get the best chair and how to sit correctly.

The importance of acoustics in the workplace

Article Why should we worry about acoustics? We look at the importance of acoustics in the workplace, how acoustic panels work and how they improve productivity.

Which Office Chair Suits You Best?

Article Working in an office often means spending many hours sitting in an office chair, so it is very important that your chair is well suited to you and your body in terms of comfort, design and ergo...

How to Convince your Manager to Buy you a Standing Desk

Article Well, let’s face it, all your boss really cares about are the business facts. Here are some ideas that might be able to help you built your case.

Tips for Setting up Your Woodworking Shop

Article From finalising the layout to picking the most suitable tools and the best type of workbench, we have a few tips to help you set up your woodworking shop.
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