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How to improve privacy and reduce noise in the office

Article High noise levels harm productivity and wellbeing at work. We look at the type of noise barriers that can help improve your office acoustics.

10 easy ways to improve acoustics in the office

Article Bad acoustics are one of the most common problems in the workplace. Here are 10 simple and cost-effective tips to improve acoustics in your office.

How to prevent your open office from harming productivity

Article Poorly designed open offices can increase stress and reduce productivity but by addressing some common pitfalls you can create an effective workspace.

How to improve concentration in the classroom with acoustic furniture

Article Unwanted noise in the classroom has a negative impact on concentration. Learn how smart acoustic furnittue can create a better learning environment.

How better acoustics can improve worker performance in offices

Article High noise levels are one of the most common workplace complaints. Find out how specific adjustments to office acoustics can improve focus by 48%!

What difference do acoustic panels make in the classroom?

Article Independent research shows that acoustic panels benefit schools by helping students settle quicker and improving concentration. Read more about the study.

How to design the perfect conference room

Article Learn how the right conference room furniture, integrated technology and good acoustics can create a functional and productive meeting space.

The perfect screen for every office: introducing Split

Article Say hello to Split, AJ Products' new semi-acoustic range of desk and floor screens for the office to provide privacy and absorb surrounding noise.

The importance of acoustics in the workplace

Article Why should we worry about acoustics? We look at the importance of acoustics in the workplace, how acoustic panels work and how they improve productivity.

Soundproof your Workstation – Avoid Unwanted Noise

Article Are you tired of office noise disturbing your work? Fortunately, there are a variety of solutions to help solve the problem - from utilising sound absorbing surfaces to playing natural backgrou...
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