Warehouse, workshop & industry

Everything you need for warehouse and industry

At AJ Products we have a huge range of equipment and furniture for any industrial workplace from warehouses and distribution centres to workshops, garages and manufacturing plants. Whether you’re looking for warehouse storage, workbenches, trolleys, matting or bins, we can help you. We also have a wide assortment of premises management equipment and health and safety products. You can order direct on our website or we can provide a full and free-of-charge design and planning service.

Warehouse storage

Our extensive range of warehouse shelving offers storage options for businesses of all sizes, from small stockrooms to busy large-capacity warehouses. Our world-class Ultimate pallet racking system offers space-saving pallet racks, cable reel racking and cutting-edge pushback, mobile or shuttle racking systems. Our expert project management team will provide you a competitive quote, design suggestions to maximise your storage capacity and a 3D planning service. If pallet racking does not suit your needs, we also offer widespan shelving, cantilever racking, small parts shelving and lighter-duty storage shelving options.

Handling and lifting

With a wide variety of trolleys, dollies and lifting equipment on offer, AJ Products is here to make your material handling and lifting processes safer and more efficient. No matter the shape, size or weight of the goods you need to move, our equipment is designed to minimise the amount of effort required and provide an ergonomic working position for the user to reduce the risk of manual handling injuries. We supply platform trolleys, shelf trolleys, sack trucks and cage trolleys for more convenient internal transport of goods while pallet trucks and containers make pallet handling easier both in distribution and in storage. To facilitate heavy lifting, choose from stacker trucks, lift tables, forklift attachments and transport dollies with a capacity of up to 60,000 kg!

Workshop storage

Manufacturing and assembly plants require secure storage for materials and equipment that still provides convenient access for users. Tool cabinets offer a lockable option for more expensive equipment while tool hooks and panels make it quick and easy to access the tools you need while you work. Chemical storage cabinets ensure your business stays COSHH compliant if you handle hazardous substances on a regular basis.

Workbenches and factory chairs

Whatever your requirements and budget, there is a workbench that will suit your needs including mobile workbenches, heavy-duty workbenches up to a 1000 kg capacity and even height-adjustable options. Package deals help you to build a solution perfectly tailored to your needs with integrated storage, tool hanging, worktop rollers and more available. A range of draughtsman’s chairs ensure you have the ideal working position whether you prefer to sit or stand to work.