Conference & boardroom tables

Conference and Boardroom Tables

The most important business decisions for your team happen around the boardroom table. These rooms also facilitate collaboration and an exchange of ideas that drive the business. That is why it is important to create a functional meeting room that fosters a productive and creative environment in keeping with your company culture. At AJ Products we understand how important it is for boardrooms to find the right balance between form and function. Our conference room furniture is designed to be stylish and elegant while providing practical features and durability. 


Selecting the Perfect Boardroom Table 

Conference room tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit various requirements. Based on your meeting room layout, you can choose the design that best suits your needs. The right meeting table for your business will depend not only on the size and shape of your conference room but also the primary purpose of the room and the message you want to convey:  

  • Round meeting room tables are ideal for brainstorming sessions and creative meetings as it fosters a feeling of collaboration and belonging, making the participants feel at ease and on an equal footing.   

  • Large rectangular conference table creates a sense of discipline and formality and can be used to underline hierarchy; this type of boardroom table is ideal for client pitches as well as board and executive meetings.   

  • An oval meeting room table is a good compromise between the two, providing greater levels of inclusivity than a rectangular table but still adding a more formal touch to the meeting. This can be a smart choice for companies with only one room for all types of meetings.   

  • Folding meeting room tables are ideal for businesses who want to make the most out of a limited workspace. They are also ideal for conference centers or hotels that offer rooms for hire as they can be easily rearranged to suit a wide variety of purposes from training days and business days to AGMs and board meetings. For use as a training room table, arranging folding conference room tables into an open horseshoe configuration allows for better eye contact and makes it easier for the presenter to approach each individual attending the session.  

 If you are finding it difficult choosing the right table for your business, message us and ask for assistance. We are happy to help. 


Meeting Tables that Reflect Your Company  

As conference rooms are found in corporate offices, schools, hotels, hospitals and a variety of other areas, our meeting tables are designed to suit different work environments. We provide a wide range from a basic office meeting table with a laminate finish for those who prioritise function and durability to executive conference room furniture.

Traditionally dark wood has been popular but modern boardroom tables feature a cleaner design to suit businesses looking for a more contemporary feel to fit with their forward-thinking company culture. More and more companies are opting for a black or white boardroom table with a contrasting monochrome frame or a sleek chrome base. This striking design choice signals a company focused on the future not the past.

Moreover, a white, black or grey conference table pairs well with meeting room chairs of any colour, whether you want to maintain a minimalist feel by sticking to a muted palette or add a pop of colour for a more fun and relaxed atmosphere. Another innovative and forward-thinking choice for companies looking for contemporary boardroom tables is to consider a sit-stand meeting table that is suitable for both sitting and standing meetings. Stand-up meetings are an easy way to incorporate physical activity into the workday and are well-suited for businesses focused on improving employee wellbeing.

Standing meetings are ideal for daily roundups and quick updates. The meetings are short and effective, leading to quick decisions as people are more alert and engaged when they stand up. Don’t forget that meetings need to be inclusive so you may need to adapt your approach if not all participants are able to stand for the duration. Height-adjustable conference tables can provide an ideal solution, allowing you to choose when it is appropriate to stand and when to sit. Conference rooms require more than just tables. The tables will have to be paired with comfortable conference room chairs, lecterns, pedestals and other furniture. AJ Products provides a complete solution for your conference room set up. Browse our collection to find the right fit for your furniture needs 


Setting Up a Complete Conference Room 


  • In an effective meeting it is important to ensure you have sufficient conference room chairs available in the room to prevent anyone from standing throughout the meeting but without making the room overcrowded. Having spare chairs and a chair trolley to enable you to bring extra seating in as required is a smart choice. Ideally you should leave at least three feet of space between the wall of your meeting room and the conference table and chairs to allow people to come and go with ease without causing inconvenience to others.  

  • Consider the equipment your conference room will benefit from, such as whiteboards, side tables, decorative plants, projection screens, etc. If space is an issue or you expect to grow out of your current premises quickly, consider modular furniture or an extendable boardroom table that can adapt with the business; that way you can fit comfortably in the space as is, safe in the knowledge that you will not need to invest in new furniture as the company expands but simply add to what you’ve already got: a solution that is both environmentally friendly and budget friendly!   

  • Technology should be incorporated from the start. Having the right technology is a must for an effective conference room and should be included in the planning from the very beginning. Look for conference tables with cable management so that you can provide easy-access power solutions for laptops. This prevents cables from being placed across the floor, which increases the risk of tripping, and means less time is wasted at the start of meetings finding power outlets. Equip the room with smart screens that can be easily connected. 


AJ Products provides a complete solution for your conference room set up. Browse our collection today to find the right fit for your conference room needs!